Detox From Alcohol Maryland

We use alcohol every day to feel good, to celebrate or to socialize with our friends. But the moment we forget how dangerous it can become is the moment our lives will begin to change. At Genesis House, we treat many people whose first mistake was to take alcohol for granted. The second one was not looking for professional help when the substance use disorder was in its initial phases.

The good news is that our team can treat addiction no matter how advanced it might be. And if you’re in need of detox from alcohol in Maryland, you need to make sure you have the best team of specialists taking your case. Since addiction is a complex mental disease, we have adapted our treatments accordingly, trying to address all aspects of the disorder.

The detoxification of the body is not enough to effectively break the addiction and prevent the relapse, which everyone is prone to in the absence of proper rehab procedures. Given the numerous side-effects of alcohol on the human mind, our detox programs focus on mental and spiritual detoxification as critical factors in speeding the patient’s recovery.

Our goal is to:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety – These are common mental problems caused by compulsive alcohol consumption and they tend to get worse with time. We’re looking not only to reduce their intensity but eliminate them entirely. That’s what our psychologists will do during the emotional counseling sessions, using open talk, psychological analysis, and valuable life advice. The process may also include medication, recreational therapies, and socializing with the other patients.

  • Balance the behavioral display – Alcohol abuse changes the individual’s state of mind, which reflects the behavioral output. The tendency towards aggression, the sudden mood swings, apathy, paranoia or even depression – we address all these problems with a mix of medication, psychological therapies, and mental support, making sure you will become a new person entirely. It is where our program of detox from alcohol in Maryland shines.

  • Help you rediscover the joy of living – One of the ugliest facets of alcohol addiction is that it takes away the pleasure of existence. Patients see the world as a dull place which someone sucked it dry of all the beauty and the charm. Our rehab programs include the perfect antidote to that problem – cultivating pleasure through physical and spiritual activities. Here, you can swim, play tennis, basketball or volleyball, watch movies and participate in lecture sessions, go for group beach walks or an occasional barbecue, or relax your body and mind through massage, meditation or yoga.

  • Teach the idea of social success – Everybody wants to be successful, and the first step towards that goal is to quit drinking for good. Our professionals will not only help you get sober, but teach you the essentials of what makes a successful individual by cultivating self-confidence, responsibility, and a robust set of values into the patient’s mind.

Genesis House is more than an institution promoting detox from alcohol in Maryland. Our team of specialists consists of passionate and knowledgeable people who know what you’re experiencing. With us, you know you’re in good hands. Call us, and we’ll take it from there!

Detox From Alcohol Maryland