Drug And Alcohol Detox New York

There’s not much of a debate regarding the harm drug and alcohol abuse can inflict on an adult in the long-term anymore. But, as studies have shown, not everybody is affected in the same ways. People who had at least one alcoholic parent will have a 40% to 60% chance of becoming alcoholics themselves, and the same goes for drugs. Learning the differences between the patients and their needs has been a valuable lesson for us, at Genesis House.

Our drug and alcohol detox in New York is only one of the many programs designed to deal with the addictive behavior, manifested by compulsive consumption, intense cravings, and withdrawal side-effects on a regular basis. But that’s only half the story. It’s not the immediate and apparent effects that are the scarier, but those that build up in time and will only become clear once the disorder is already advanced.

Studies have shown that teenagers under the age of 15 who abuse alcohol will be five times more prone to addiction than those who do the same after the age of 21. On the same note, abusing prescription medication, which teenagers are very fond of, will increase the risk of switching to heroin four times over. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) stated that 22.6% of the young adults, ages 18-20, had consumed an illicit drug in the last 30 days.

In this context, our drug and alcohol detox in New York is vital for the recovery of the individual in the initial phases. But what about solving the more severe repercussions of substance abuse?

What to expect in our rehab centers

The biggest threat coming with addiction is how severely it can affect your social functioning. It is common for young adults, especially, to fail in pursuing their education, develop anxiety and crippling depression, and grow into mentally and socially disabled adults, unable to find a job and become financially independent. With this in mind, our programs will help you to:

  • Find relief from mental disorders – Anxiety, panic attacks, and depression can be brutal conditions that will prevent you from being socially active. Our behavioral therapies and psychological sessions will correct those problems with medication and private and group counseling.

  • Escape cravings and stress – Being continuously hooked by drug and alcohol cravings can bring a lot of pressure in your everyday life. This will prevent you from focusing, thinking straight, and do anything else but think about the substance you’re addicted to. Eliminating the cravings and relieving the psychological stress are among the first things we’ll be focusing on.

  • Bring your life on the correct course – Our drug and alcohol detox in New York has been created to allow you the freedom of building your life the way you want it to be; free of addiction and suffering.

Genesis House is not only a drug and alcohol rehabilitation institution but one where people come to find ways of rebuilding their future. They come here to find hope, spiritual strength, and the motivation they need to start life anew.

Drug And Alcohol Detox New York