Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers Florida

Several decades into the war on drugs and we’ve managed to experience all the horrors of addiction in all their painfully detailed forms. Yet most of the people rarely realize the true magnitude of the problem. Drugs and alcohol aren’t dangerous because of their obvious, visible effects, but because of the invisible ones. 

Realizing this has led to creating some of the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida, trying to correct the downward path the American society follows for years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), that’s no easy task:

  • An average of six people die every day in the US due to alcohol poisoning, for a total of 2,200 yearly
  • According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the relapse rates for recovering adults vary between 40% to 60% or more in some cases
  • NIDA estimated economic damages linked to drug and alcohol addiction of up to $740 every year
  • Approximately 64,000 Americans die every year because of drug overdose
  • Additional 88,000 people die because of alcohol-related diseases; almost 10,000 more perish in traffic accidents for the same reasons
  • The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that more than 15 million US adults show signs of alcohol use disorder (AUD)
  • Over 22 million people in the US suffer from drug use disorder, with only 10% of them getting professional help

How to solve such a volatile situation? Our drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida have adopted certified rehab strategies that aim to cover the entire spectrum of symptomatology linked to drug addiction and alcoholism. And, as we’ve mentioned earlier, these can gain unexpected proportions most people don’t even suspect. Here we include:

  • Drastic psychological changes – An addict’s state of mind will deteriorate fast under the influence of these noxious substances. Opioids, psychostimulants, and alcohol will inflict the addictive behavior by altering the brain’s chemical functioning. As the addiction unfolds, you will experience anxiety, mood swings, restlessness, intense cravings, and even depression and aggressive tendencies.
  • Social problems – Because of the impaired thinking process, the inability to focus and remember recent things, and the volatile and unpredictable behavior, many addicts will lose their jobs, their families, and the support of the loved ones.
  • Missing on life entirely – This is the scariest aspect of addiction – the fact that it dehumanizes people. In time, you will no longer be able to find joy in anything else than the substance itself. Your entire life will revolve around it, and it is a life that’s slowly degrading, while pleasure slowly turns to suffering and torment.

In reality, the drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida are your best chances at a life of sobriety and freedom. At Genesis House, we help people rediscover who they are, and support them in defeating their self-sabotaging tendencies. We are armed with knowledge, experience, and with the determination to make the world a better place – precisely what you need to break free from addiction.

Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers Florida