Drug Treatment Centers In Florida

If you're searching for drug treatment centers in Florida, be sure to check out Genesis House. We offer detox, residential inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, and other addiction treatment programs. Additionally, we customize our treatment plans according to the specific needs of each client we serve. We offer dual diagnosis treatment for clients with underlying or co-occurring disorders, our Christian Track program for people who want to add faith into their recovery, a Uniformed Services program to address the unique needs of first responders, and a Family program to help the client involve their family in recovery. Plus, our clients enjoy day-to-day recreational activities that teach that recovery doesn't have to be boring.

Why Do Some People Need Rehab and Others Don't?

A common question regarding addiction is, "Why do some people become addicted and others don't?" Addiction specialists used to think that people became addicted because they were bad, because they were weak-willed, and or because they had mental health problems. We now know, thanks to modern technology, that some people experience changes in brain chemistry that make it almost impossible for them to stop using drugs or alcohol once they get started.

Being Aware of Triggers

An interesting study was conducted a few years ago with dogs. To summarize the study, there were several dogs used, and a bell was rung each time it was time to eat. After just a short time, all of the dogs began associating the ringing of the bell with meal time. After a while, the bell would be rung but no food was given. What the study uncovered is that months and months after food stopped being given following the ringing of the bell, the dogs would still drool and come to the feeding area expecting food. Once this trigger was etched into the dogs' brains, there was nothing that could be done to stop the dogs from associating the sound of the bell with food.

In human beings, the bell the dogs heard is equivalent to external triggers. People, places, things, memories, smells, and even tastes can instantly stimulate a human brain unconsciously like the bell did the dogs. Understanding and preparing one's self to handle triggers is a vital part of recovery and relapse prevention.

Behavior Change as an Addiction Treatment Technique?

Addiction is a brain disease expressed as compulsive behavior. This is the reason why many people who have co-occurring disorders often go years and years without being diagnosed and treated. The behavior that would normally be symptomatic of a psychological disorder, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and the like, is usually assumed by professionals to be a symptom of substance abuse/addiction. Both developing and recovering from addiction depend on behavior and social context of how the client used the drugs or alcohol. This is why we emphasize behavioral change. "Why" the client does the behavior is not as important as identifying what a client can do differently in the future when they have those feelings. Contact Genesis House if you're looking for drug treatment centers in Florida.

Drug Treatment Centers In Florida