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Family therapy is an integral part of our addiction treatment program in Florida. Addiction not only affects the person who abuses drugs, but it affects families as well. As a result, people begin suffering from problems in the home, behavioral conditions, and even mental illness. 

Depending on the individual needs of each client, he or she may stay at Genesis House anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Removing an addicted individual from their everyday environment can be hugely beneficial for addicts and alcoholics who want to begin the journey to recovery. However,  being away from family is difficult, especially during a time of such tremendous transformation. 

Through our residential treatment program, we at Genesis House understand how important the family structure is for any recovering addict, which is why we provide therapy for family members of addicts as well as the addicts themselves. 

What to Expect from Family Therapy at Genesis House

Even though only one member of a family may be enrolled in our residential program, Genesis House understands that the rest of the family members also have individual concerns and issues that need to be addressed. Addiction is a family disease, meaning that it impacts all family members. We understand how destructive this disease is, which is why we prioritize family therapy during all of our client’s time spent with us. It is our goal to not only help the individual recover from active addiction, but also help begin healing the entire family unit. 

At Genesis House, our clients and their families can expect compassionate care each time they interact with our team of professionals. The family therapy program brings together the client and his or her family so they can all begin recovering together. 

Whether you are a client or a family member, you can expect the following when involved in family therapy:

  • Working with a primary therapist who can help coordinate schedules so that everyone can be involved in therapy sessions at the same time 
  • Participating in family therapy sessions that are specialized to meet the unique needs of all members of your family 
  • Having the freedom to engage in family therapy sessions in person, on the phone, via email, or even during visitation (which occurs every Sunday from 10AM-2PM)

We know that therapy for family members of addicts can be difficult to coordinate, especially if the family is living in a different part of the country. This is why we offer flexible options so that everyone has the opportunity to be involved in these critical sessions. 

Why is Therapy for Family Members of Addicts Important?

When the family first gets involved in family therapy, there are usually several immediate issues to get through first before beginning to affect real, lasting change. No matter what is happening within the family system, encouraging each member of the family to get involved in the recovery process is a vital step. In fact, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) suggests that family therapy is associated with better treatment outcomes.

It is no secret that family members often represent the strongest and most important support system for clients during substance abuse treatment. Participation and dedication to this process is a show of commitment and love. Also, family members are able to benefit from the support and guidance of our team of professionals who can help them navigate these complex times. 

Outside of support provided for both the client and his or her family members, family and substance abuse programs are important for a number of reasons.

Improving Communication Skills

Most families find that communicating with one another in an effective manner is extremely challenging when addiction is occurring. Whether the family unit struggles with actually talking to one another or has difficulty expressing themselves in ways that allow them to be heard, family therapy can help everyone improve their communication. When communication is improved, feelings can be properly expressed and understood, family members can be more compassionate towards one another rather than resentful, and the entire family unit can start feeling some relief. 

Getting Therapy for Family Members

Family members of an addict or alcoholic often wonder why they are the ones who need to get therapy when they do not have the problem. While that is understandable, it’s critical to realize that everyone needs individualized help. Within family therapy sessions, all family members will have the opportunity to focus on their own personal issues and how they relate to their loved ones. Families are designed to work together and not against each other, so ensuring that everyone has the appropriate mental health care at this time is crucial in being able to move forward in a healthy manner.

Restoring the Family’s Bond

Addiction is so powerful that it can cause everyone to start acting in ways that they never even dreamed of before. This rings true even for those who are not physically using, but who have a loved one that is. It is common to see families at odds at the beginning of family therapy sessions because of everything they have gone through. But, with the help of a therapist, therapy for family members of addicts can help restore the family’s bond.

Like all other types of therapy, therapy for family members of addicts will only be effective if the participants are willing to work for it. The more involved the family is, the better the outcome.

Call and Ask About Therapy for Family Members of Addicts Right Now

If your family is in need of therapy because of the damage addiction has caused in your lives, then reach out to us right now. At Genesis House, we are proud to help families get through the challenges that addiction presents them so that they can live happy and healthy lives together. 

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