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Are Co-Ed Rehab Programs Available?

Treatment for addiction can seem scary and overwhelming. With so many types and styles of rehab programs, finding the right fit is not always easy. Some patients fair better in a gender-specific program, others may not. You may wonder, “Are co-ed rehab programs available?”

Yes, there are co-ed rehab programs available around the country for addiction to:

  • Alcohol
  • Illegal drugs
  • Prescription drugs

When you feel like your life has fallen off track and every day hurts, remember there are rehabilitation counselors who care about you and your recovery and want to help.

Why Choose Co-Ed Rehab Program

Many adults seeking treatment for addiction feel they benefit from the exposure to both enders during rehab. Co-ed programs offer real-life social situations and interaction.

Residents can hear the stories, struggle, and insight from both sexes, which can help them reach a better understanding of their own addiction.

Building strength

Rehab patients often have underlying issues with the opposite sex. Co-ed addiction rehab programs allow residents to learn healthy ways to interact with both genders.

Within the confines of the rehabilitation program, patients can feel more comfortable building social connections with the opposite sex. Becoming socially stronger amongst both sexes can assist in lessening the feeling of inadequacy that may contribute to addictive behavior.

Building respect

Co-ed addiction rehab programs help build and maintain the feeling of respect for the opposite gender. Gaining and showing healthy respect is a part of addiction recovery.

Experiencing a new perspective while dealing with addiction can form lasting bonds within the program that can feel like an extended family. Patients who have felt undervalued or ignored by a particular gender can now be heard and learn that they do have worth and deserve respect.

Building reality

Co-ed programs can open the eyes of patients who may believe only one sex struggles with a particular issue. Hearing stories from both genders can enlighten patients to problems they too share.

Having an open dialogue to discuss underlying addictive tendencies brings a sense of reality to treatment that you may not achieve in a gender-specific program. Patients may hear stories that sound familiar to them but from the other gender’s perspective. This type of sharing can help them gain a better understanding of themselves and aid in recovery.

Ultimately, the most significant factor in addiction rehab success is the patient’s desire to change. Finding a program that delivers the components a patient needs to undergo this change is a personal decision.

Whether co-ed or not, committing to change is the first step to overcoming addiction. Want help on your path to recovery? Please call 844-903-2111.