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Can An Alcohol Treatment Center Help Me Stage an Intervention?

Addiction interventions have gained notoriety through television shows and popular culture. The intention of hosting an intervention is to not only convince the addict to go to treatment, it is to help the family recover and make changes that will promote the addict to recover. Interventions are often used when all other tactics to get the addict into treatment have failed. However, intervention can be used at any point in the progression of the disease, even at the early stages to prevent the disease from progressing to the point that it is even more difficult to treat.

You should never put together an intervention on your own. You should hire a certified interventionist to plan and oversee the intervention because they are trained in the areas of addiction, co-dependency, and handling situations that may arise during the intervention. You can find a professional interventionist through consulting addiction treatment centers.

The Different Models of Interventions

Your interventionist will work with you in determining the right model of intervention to use. Some interventionists may only use one type of intervention. The right model of intervention is variable per individual case; therefore, you should find an interventionist that is open to and is well-trained in executing all models of intervention.
The most common models of interventions that are used are:

The Johnson Model

The Johnson Model is based on the surprise element and confrontation. The family comes together to formulate consequences for the addict if he or she refuses to go to treatment. The addict is unaware that the intervention will take place in order to be pulled out of denial and be forced to confront the damage their addiction has caused.

The Invitational Model

The Invitational Model does not include any surprise elements or confrontation. One family member invited the addict to the intervention and fully discloses what will happen at the intervention. The addict can choose to come or not. Even if the addict does not come, the intervention will still go on. The theory is as long as the co-dependent structure is collapsed, the addict will seek help at some point.

Field Model

The Field Model is a combination of the Johnson Model and Invitational Model. It adapts per the situation. The interventionist makes decisions of which aspects from each model to use as the situation plays out.

Genesis House is located in Lake Worth, Florida. We understand the importance of family involvement in recovery. Our staff consists of addiction professionals who are trained to do interventions.

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