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Can Heroin Addicts Die from Using Just Once?

Heroin can depress the nervous system and cause devastating effects to addicts. They can snort, smock, or inject the substance. However, the bigger question is can the addict die after a single use of the drug. To answer this question, one needs to understand how the addiction process works. The usage of this substance begins slowly until one depends on it. Of course, one should know that they are not alone in this addiction. To stay sober is challenging, but the right tools and support networks will attain it. Therefore, they should know that taking heroin once cannot kill, but it leads to some addictive behavior.

How Long It Takes to Get Addicted

Someone may become an addict through repeated use of the substance. The impact that heroin has on the brain is what causes the addiction. When they use heroin, they will experience a surge of dopamine. Such a chemical will reinforce positive behaviors. Once they continuously use heroin, they will experience such surges of dopamine. Such an experience is what usually leads to addiction. Over time, their brain may not make enough dopamine on its own. Thus, it will require the drug to make that. As the length of time one takes heroin increases, so does the risk of addiction also increases.

How to Know if They Are Addicted

There are a lot of signs that will indicate you are an addict. Some signs that indicate someone is an addict are:

  • Performing poorly while at work or school
  • Using heroin to manage negative feelings
  • Experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms
  • Thinking on the use of heroin
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Being deceptive and providing lies on the use of drugs

Some external signs include constricted pupils, needle marks on the body, and weight loss.

How Does Heroin Use Result to Death?

Many people die from drug withdrawals. Heroin withdrawal symptoms are severe and can make addicts very uncomfortable. They can cause severe consequences to the body. They include:

  • Muscle fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased muscle pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • General fatigue
  • Intense Dehydration

Of course, actual withdrawal may not kill someone. However, complications from withdrawal symptoms may lead to death. Untreated vomiting and diarrhea from heroin withdrawal causes dehydration. In severe cases, this dehydration results in heart failure and death.

Treatment of Addiction

People should understand that heroin addiction has treatment. In most scenarios, addicts imagine they are alone in this struggle. Addiction can be managed successfully with the right tools and support systems. The treatment will allow them to counteract the disruptive effects caused by addiction. Therefore, they will regain control over their lives again. Of course, there may not be a suitable method to help addicts to recover. However, someone should evaluate the plan that suits their loved one. In most scenarios, behavioral therapies can work. They will help the addict modify their behaviors and attitudes towards substance abuse. They will therefore manage to deal with stressful situations that may trigger a relapse. Quitting drug use is part of the recovery process. Remember, when heroin addicts choose treatment, it means that addiction has caused many consequences on their lives. Such consequences might be a disruption to their health and the way they function. The treatment will therefore address their needs to become successful.

How to Get Support for Heroin Addiction

When someone is addicted to heroin, it is advisable to consider professional treatment. Heroin addicts should not stop this habit on their own. Doing so might result in severe withdrawal symptoms. A lot of people have died from doing so. The best approach that they can take is considering rehab and detox. Such a process can address physical withdrawal symptoms. Besides, it will address the psychological addiction to the substance. Remember that heroin addiction is hard to overcome. However, the proper treatment and support will treat it appropriately.

As much as an addict may not die through a single use of heroin, caution is needed. Remember, heroin is very addictive and can take over after a short period. Using heroin even once can be the start of a bad habit. However, if your loved one is into this habit, there is still hope. Addiction treatment will aim at helping addicts to cope with challenging situations and avoid turning to drugs and alcoholism. Despite those dangers caused by heroin, they will still overcome them through the proper support. Ready to get started, contact us. We are located in South Florida. Call us at 844-903-2111.