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Dabbing: Marijuana Concentrate Use on the Rise

marijuana concentrateAlong with the disturbing trend of marijuana legalization in some parts of the country, additional subsets of that drug culture continue to unfold as well. Among the more dangerous are the marijuana edibles (candy, baked goods) and the marijuana concentrates, often called budder, wax, shatter or honey.

Dabbing is the slang for using these marijuana concentrates, which come in the form of a brownish-yellow wax-like substance. The drug is very potent, sometimes producing a THC content of 80 percent. It is this potency that has many people spooked, as it can cause users to lose consciousness, hallucinate and have rapid heart rate, among other effects. The high is so intense that even many marijuana advocates warn against its use.

According to a recent statement given to the New York Times, DEA Special Agent James Hunt said, “We monitor any type of new twist on drug use in order to warn the public of its danger. Not only is the method of production explosive, but the use has serious physical and psychological side effects.”

The method of production he was referring to typically involves the use of butane, which is a highly flammable substance used in some lighters, which is then poured on marijuana to extract the THC. The liquid is then dried out and a waxy substance is left.

This form of extracting and using the hash oil is raising concerns in many ways. One highly disturbing indicator of the trend is the increased number of emergency calls and hospital admissions resulting from people dabbing and having psychotic episodes.