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Do Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers Drug Test?

Do inpatient drug rehab centers drug test? Yes, they do. They do this for your protection and theirs. All rehabs have an admissions procedure involving drug testing and also an inspection of your property and even your person. Rehabs are most concerned with safety and security. They need to be sure you’re not bringing in items that may pose a threat to you, staff or other residents. They’re watching carefully for contraband, too. It goes without saying that drugs, alcohol and weapons have no place in a drug rehab.

Drug Testing at Admission

The main reason drug rehabs do admissions drug testing is to be sure you’re drug-free before you begin your recovery treatment. If the facility has an attached detox unit and you’re there for detox, the drug test will confirm your drug of abuse, so the detox knows how to best handle your withdrawal process. If you’re there to begin recovery treatment, most facilities require you to be drug-free for at least the past 10 days. You cannot be experiencing obvious and severe withdrawal symptoms, either, because you cannot begin recovery while still in withdrawal.

If the facility finds a drug of abuse in your urine, they will refer you to their detox unit right then and there. It’s a requirement: you must be drug-free before you can begin the recovery phase. If they don’t have a detox unit there on the premises, they’re likely affiliated with one nearby. You will need to attend detox before you can proceed with further treatment.

It’s never a good idea to conceal important information when you’re checking in at a rehab. These people are trying to help you. They can’t do that if they don’t have the facts or if you’re playing games and lying to them. You need to accept their rules and follow them whether you personally agree with them or not. It’s their facility. They have reasons for what they do.

Inpatient drug rehabs expect their facility to be drug-free, other than approved medications, of course. However, drugs can still enter the facility through visitors, the mail and even dishonest staff. Residents are always being observed. If signs of drug use are present, they may demand you take a urine test. If you refuse, they will likely ask you to leave. If you’re not serious about your recovery, then they can’t help you.

Detox, Recovery, and Aftercare

Drug rehab follows three basic steps: detox (if needed), recovery and aftercare. Detox must come first. You cannot concentrate on the effort involved in recovery if you’re high or sick from withdrawal. Some people do manage to get through the withdrawal phase on their own, and that’s fine. As long as you can honestly say you’ve been drug-free for the required amount of time (often, 10 days), you can skip the detox phase.

Although some people do detox at home on their own, it’s not really a good idea. It may work for some lower-level addictions, but for higher ones, failure is almost certain. For those physically dependent on alcohol and benzodiazepines, withdrawal at home without medical supervision can be fatal. Both of these drug classes work similarly in the brain. Both induce alterations in brain function that can cause life-threatening complications when these drugs are suddenly stopped.

It is never safe to withdraw from either one without medical supervision.

While you’re a patient in an inpatient detox unit or a resident in an inpatient recovery rehab, the facility is responsible for you. If they make a mistake in your care, they may be legally liable for that. Don’t lie to detox or rehab staff. If you’re asked to submit to a urine test, just comply. If you’re clean, there’s no reason to refuse. The facility has the right to keep its premises, residents and programs free of drugs and other contraband.

Drug testing is part of the rehab and recovery process. No one is trying to invade your privacy. It’s just a necessary part of the facility’s security. In that way, it’s really no different than the drug-testing policies in the workplace.

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