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Halfway House in Florida

What Services Does a Halfway House in Florida Provide?

Halfway houses are also known as transitional houses because they are helping drug addicts and alcoholics transition to a sober lifestyle in their community. They are safe havens because they do not allow drug or alcohol use within their communities, and they maintain stringent requirements for residents to transition back into their communities as sober individuals. We all know that halfway houses provide support during the first year or two of sobriety for recovering individuals, but they also provide a lot of services that help their residents successfully rejoin their communities.

Florida halfway houses first and foremost provide a sober environment and community of fellow recovering individuals. They live together sometimes in separate quarters and sometimes in units with other recovering folks. It all depends on the halfway house. Meals are usually taken together, and there is a recovery program set out for each member. For example, a halfway house may require a certain number of AA meetings per week. They may also require daily group meetings for residents to discuss issues. Counseling is also a part of the environment.

Basic Services

Basic services are the ones that most people are familiar with. During your time in a halfway house, you’ll very likely receive basic services like:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group meetings
  • Medication services
  • Basic health services

These services are the ones that are required for you to have a safe place to recover. Your counselor will handle any medication that you need for a co-existing mental disorder or any other health issue you might have. Medications will be kept safely by the staff and distributed exactly when you need them. Doctor’s appointments will be handled either inside or outside the center. Usually, a halfway house will have a transportation staff that takes you where you need to go. As time goes on, you’ll be allowed to have your own car and be trusted with more responsibilities.

Enhanced Services

Enhanced services provided by a halfway house in Florida include a long list of things that these centers do to greatly improve the lives of their residents. Transportation and employment services are just two of the services often provided to you by a halfway house as you rebuild your life. For example, you may talk to a social worker who can help you obtain employment in your community. They will function just like a regular employment counselor who can help you re-start your work life.

Halfway House vs. Sober Living

Halfway houses and sober living homes are similar in several ways, but also different, too. Halfway houses tend to be government-run, meaning that they are more accessible to the people and often cost less. Sober living homes are most commonly associated with addiction treatment centers. Those who work at the addiction treatment center may also provide services at the sober living home, providing a friendly face to residents. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a professional presence at halfway houses, as government workers and members of private corporations visit these homes to offer support and services.

Benefits of a Halfway House in Florida

If you decide that a halfway house in Florida is the ideal next step for you, then you can begin preparing for the many benefits of this type of living environment. Some of the greatest benefits you can obtain when living in a halfway house in Florida can include the following:

  • More transition time — Studies show that the longer a person remains in treatment or a treatment-like setting, the more likely they are to stay sober for longer. Living in a halfway house in Florida can give you extra time for you to transition out of treatment and back into everyday living, helping to solidify your recovery.
  • Sober environment — All halfway houses boast a sober environment, allowing you to feel comfortable in your surroundings. Temptations and cravings can be overwhelming in the beginning stages of recovery, so knowing you have a safe, sober place to reside is an added comfort.
  • Accountability — When you are living in a halfway house, you are not only accountable to yourself, but also to those living with you, too. This means that you need to be respectful of things like curfews, visitors, loud music, etc. This responsibility turns into accountability as your roommates will hold your feet to the fire should you not uphold your end of the deal.
  • Promotes productivity — Halfway houses can help give you the space and time needed to set up your future prior to moving back into you regular life. For example, you can work with your treatment facility to look for jobs and housing, so that when the time comes to leave the halfway house, you have a solid foundation to stand on.

The benefits of living in a halfway house in Florida can be endless, especially when you work hard and remain focused.

Reaching Out for Services

Many people who go into an inpatient detox don’t feel that it’s enough to help them maintain sobriety in their regular community, and this is a smart assumption. The benefits of halfway houses and sober communities are long-established. Because they provide drug testing and make sure that the community is drug and alcohol-free, it’s much easier to avoid triggers to use while living in a sober living environment. Additionally, people living with you are also recovering and you have 24 hours a day access to peer support. That’s something that’s difficult to find outside of sober living communities.

Sober living homes are full of people who can benefit from social services. They also have lifelines on all sides. Sober living homes can help you obtain employment, get food stamps if you need them, and provide meals for you during your stay. You’ll have access to counselors and group support as well. If you’re suffering from a co-existing mental disorder, you always have access to help at all hours of the day. The easy access to all services is what makes halfway houses so appealing to those in recovery.

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