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How Long Is the Typical Florida Treatment Center Treatment Process?

In a perfect world, addiction treatment would be swift. If someone could wave a magic wand and jumpstart someone’s recovery, life would be much easier. While addiction treatment is effective, no one’s managed to come up with a quick fix. One of the most common questions that people ask about recovering from an addiction is how long is the typical Florida treatment center treatment process. While you might be hoping to hear that the process is short, the truth is that it takes time to recover. Addiction treatment programs are meant to help you get deep into the underlying reasons for your addiction. Exploring the deeper parts of your inner self takes time, and you’ll eventually be able to see the importance of working through each part of the process.

What’s the Average Length of Addiction Treatment?

Longer addiction treatment programs are the most effective for helping people to enjoy long-term sobriety. Ideally, the addiction treatment process at a Florida rehab center will take at least 90 days. This gives you time to get through your first week or two of detoxing from drugs or alcohol. During that time, your mind will still be too hazy to do much deep thinking, and you’ll be more focused on your physical symptoms rather than your emotional responses to addiction. After that, you’ll be able to start working on more intensive forms of therapy that help you to learn why you have an addiction and how to manage your cravings. Keep in mind, however, that some people stay for longer or shorter periods of time in rehab. You’ll find a few short-term programs that last around 30 days along with ones that extend your stay for as long as a year.

What Are the Benefits of Longer Treatment?

When you first enroll in an addiction treatment program, you’ll go through a complete assessment that helps you know how long you’ll need to plan to stay. At first, most people aren’t thrilled to hear that they’ll need to be in treatment for three months or more. While you might feel like that’s a long time to be away from your family or workplace, this is important for helping you to get a good start on your recovery. Longer treatment programs offer you these benefits that promote sobriety.

•get a strong grip on handling coexisting mental health issues
•make sure that your prescribed treatments are working
•begin healing from personal trauma
•put distance between you and triggers at home such as negative influences
•be sure that what you learn in treatment sticks

If you have the opportunity to attend a , then it is best to take it. Your treatment team can help you figure out ways to make it happen such as using the Family Medical Leave Act to take time off from work. Some people also combine several different forms of treatment. For example, you might stay as an inpatient for the first 30 days and then do intensive outpatient therapy to finish out the program. Whatever you do, try your hardest to make sure that you complete each part of the treatment process slong-term treatment programince this is the best way to get sober.

Does Treatment End After My Inpatient Stay Is Finished?

The majority of Florida drug treatment programs also include after care assistance that helps you to transition better back to your life at home. This means that you’ll still continue to work on your sobriety with professional support after you complete your inpatient stay. In most cases, this will involve attending outpatient therapy sessions that help to reinforce what you learned at rehab. These therapy sessions may include individual counseling along with group meetings. At first, you may attend these sessions several times a week or even every day. Later, you’ll slowly wean off of how often you go to therapy. However, many people continue to attend group meetings for years after they complete their initial treatment. Going to counseling and group meetings helps you to continue to prevent relapse even after you have years of sobriety under your belt.

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