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How To Support Your Son While He is Going To Rehab in South Florida

Being the parent of an individual who is suffering from addiction is the most difficult type of loved one to be to an addict. Society sends the message that parents are supposed to take control of their children, but a parent cannot control the beast of addiction. Addiction is a family disease; therefore, family recovery is required. While your child is in rehab to take care of his or her substance abuse problem, you need to get involved in programs to educate yourself about addiction and recover from its effects.

There are several programs that you can turn to for your recovery:


Al-Anon and Nar-Anon are the most popular support groups for loved ones of addicts. Al-Anon is for loved ones of alcoholics, and Nar-Anon is for loved ones of drug addicts. However, Al-Anon welcomes loved ones of drug addicts due to the limited number of Nar-Anon meetings. Both programs use the 12 Steps to help you recover from the effects of addiction. There is no hierarchy, and nobody gives direct advice. Instead, members share their own experiences to receive and give help.

Community Support Groups

Many communities have support groups for parents of addicts and/or loved ones of addicts. You should check with organizations in your community (e.g. schools, hospitals, non-profits, churches, etc.) to find out if there are such support groups in your community.

Co-dependent’s Anonymous

Co-dependency is a common problem of loved ones of addicts. Co-dependency occurs when the loved ones of addicts become just as preoccupied with the addict as the addict is with using substances. Co-dependent’s Anonymous uses the 12 steps to help you recover from co-dependency.

Getting Involved in Family Programs at the Rehab Center

Effective rehabs know that family recovery is essential to taking a holistic approach to addiction treatment; therefore, many of them have family programs to help the family recover from the effects of addiction and create a new dynamic to promote the addict’s recovery upon release from rehab. Some rehabs have programs where the family stays overnight for a certain number of days to attend workshops and therapy sessions without their addicted loved one. Many rehabs host family weekends or family designated days, which is when members of the family come to participate in group therapy and/or individualized sessions with and without their addicted loved one. It is imperative that you get involved with any type of family program that is offered by your child’s rehab facility because it shows that you are supporting their recovery and are willing to create a healthy environment for him or her to come home to.

Genesis House is located in Lake Worth, Florida. We have a family program that allows visitation, phone conferences, and emails under the supervision of a primary therapist. Our staff takes an individualized approach to treating each family.

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