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Is It Better For Me To Go Into An Alcohol Detox Program Near Me?

Choosing to go to an alcohol detox program is the best choice when you are struggling with addiction. Once you decide to go through detox, you’ll have several choices to make before the day comes. For example, how long will you go for? Where will you go? Is it better to go to a detox program close by or far away? Each question will need to be considered when you are seeking out alcohol treatment. Let’s look at the reasons why attending a local alcohol program could be the best choice for your situation.

There is less travel involved

One major plus of going to a local alcohol detox program is the amount of travel you will have to do. Instead of having to take a plane ride to and from the program, you’ll be able to drive yourself or even take a short bus ride to get there. Local detox centers are also a good idea if you don’t like to travel or do not have a license. It’s a cheaper option when it comes to travel, a perk many recovering addicts are looking for.

Less travel is also a plus for family members or friends that may wish to see you while you are in detox or rehab. Instead of phone calls and letters, your loved ones can easily visit you in person whenever you are permitted to have guests. Many rehab facilities want their patients to reconnect with family through therapy sessions, a much easier feat when they can get there quickly. If the detox program is a longer one, you’ll benefit from seeing your loved ones regularly. If you are across the country in a center, it will be more difficult and costly for your family to attend.

There may be discounts

There are plenty of ways to pay for detox and rehab. If you have insurance, you’ll want to use your policy as much as possible. However, you may be considering local and state grants to help you pay for a portion of the program. Some will help you pay for detox centers that are local to your place of residence. You may also be lucky to find financial assistance through local churches and organizations. If you have the chance to use a grant or apply a portion of assistance to your bill, take it!

Your insurance may pay for local programs

When you are using your health insurance to pay for rehab, the services you partake in might be limited to what they cover. In many cases, your policy will cover detox centers that are close to where you live. If you don’t wish to pay too much out of pocket, finding a local center will be the way to go.

It’s close to work

If you are only going to detox for a few days and you don’t want to miss work, a local facility will be the best idea. You should be able to work around your schedule when you don’t have to travel far for treatment. This is also true for other responsibilities that you have to maintain. Local is often simply the easier option.

It’s easier to attend

The best perk of local treatment is simply the ease with which one can attend. When you are ready to detox you can simply get up and go. You don’t have to purchase an expensive plane ticket or take months off from work. A local detox center will often work around your schedule to give you the help that you need.

The benefits of local treatment

When it is time to choose an alcohol detox program, it is usually best for patients to go for local inpatient treatment. You’ll have the chance to get the help you need by separating yourself from the people and environments that may trigger your alcohol use. Local detox centers also make it easier to get the treatment you need when you want it. You can schedule an appointment to talk to a representative or even stop by unannounced.

Let us help

In the end, take the time to look at your particular situation carefully when you wish to go to alcohol detox. Is a local or distance alcohol detox center the best? Look at it from different angles, ask plenty of questions, and do not settle for a facility that doesn’t give you what you need. When you are ready to make the decision, we can help it move along. Call us today at 844-903-2111 to learn more.