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Karen’s Kula January 2019

Dear Alumni,
Happy New Year to alumni I had the amazing pleasure of meeting at Genesis, and also to those I did not get to meet. Happy 2019 & Happy January!
How are you? I think of alumni often, I surround you all with love and encouragement. After leaving Genesis, I hope you all are finding your Kula (your tribe, your support system) and continue to Practice, even without me there… 
I am always eager to hear from our Alumni – the good, the bad, and the in between of life unfolding. I am here for support while you are at Genesis and even when you leave to spread your wings out in this amazing world. 
So, this morning I had an idea…. what if I add a little Karen’s Corner or blog to the Genesis News Letter? When I reached out to Skyler, she was excited and answered with such a Happy Yes! 
Ask, and you shall receive!!!
My hope in these newsletters are to share with you what I am practicing both on and off my mat at Genesis and in my own life, to be with you along the way! More tools to add to your tool box of coping skills such as new books, foods, quotes, poses, teachers… and to inspire you to continue this daily journey and choice of a Happier, Healthier Life of Ease – because a Body at Ease can NOT have dis-ease! And, it is a PRACTICE! One breath at a time, One day at a time, One thought at a time! It is never done as long as there is breath in our lungs! So, I hope you seeing my little addition to the newsletter today puts a smile on your face! I hope it reminds you to Pause, Breathe, Notice, Feel…….. I hope if you are having a good day this moment, reading my words makes it an even better day! And, if you were having a rough day, this moment, reading my words may have helped you shift into having a happier moment!!!
What you focus on grows so, it is powerful to have these small reminders that you are doing
OK, that you have a support system here for you, encouraging you each and every day!!!!
Many of you know I set intentions daily and each month has a theme-
January’s message is to – Plant the Seeds of My Desire! So for the next 31 days join me, find a quiet moment each day and ask…
What do I want to add to My Life?
What am I curious about?
What would make my day a little brighter?
Not what you don’t like! Not what you want to let go of or loose (weight, job, stress) But what would add joy to your life? When we add new, inspiring, enjoyable things to our life…. the things that do not serve us any more fall away! They make space for the things that will brighten our life! Spark a new interest! Breathe new possibilities into our experience! 
For me, I made time to ask Skyler about my Karen’s Corner idea! I hung a new bird feeder in my yard, and I am now enjoying Cardinals, Blue Jays, Doves, a Woodpecker and many sweet, little birds in my yard. I ordered a new book Heart Talk Poetic Wisdom for a better life by Cleo Wade! 3 new days in January and 3 new ways to enjoy my life! I also made time for a bike ride! I get up 15 minutes earlier to see these birds and sip coffee! I created a new binder of inspirational quotes! I am researching my Karen Van….. stay tuned to hear what that Desire is (FYI planted by a Genesis Alumni who sparked the idea with me) some of these seeds sprout instantly, some take a little longer like the amazon book order and some take months like the Karen Van and some years to align and fall into place like my Y12SR – Yoga of 12 step Recovery Desire 2 years ago! But each and every seed will blossom in its own time <3
Starts with one seed of desire…. then let it go and let it grow!
I love you all! Until our next newsletter if you have any questions you can email me and check out and put in your zip code to see if there is a Yoga of 12 Step Recovery near you! This is a relapse prevention movement! It is AMAZING! A safe place to come together and practice the 12 steps and gentle yoga. Y12SR is for anyone affected by addiction so you can bring your wife/husband/child/parent/friend……. every one of us needs a little EASE! 
So much love to each and every one of you – Karen