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My Son Has a Drug Problem – How Do I Talk to Him About Rehab?

You’ve seen the signs of your son’s drug problem. They are undeniable. Your son no longer has any interest in any of the hobbies that used to occupy his time. His school work is failing. He hasn’t been able to keep up with his homework in college or his job. He’s been irritable. He’s lost weight and his eyes are bloodshot. Money has gone missing from your purse. You’ve found evidence of drugs in his room. You confronted him. He told you to leave him alone. You fear for his well-being, his future, and his life. He needs help, but you don’t know how to talk to him about going to rehab.

Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

The most important thing you need to do is take action. Don’t let any more time be wasted. Addiction is merciless. It consumes a person. It’s an illness that has a hold on your son. It is too difficult for him to walk away by himself. He is going to need the professional help of medical professionals in a rehab program that is tailored for him. You can point him in the right direction.

Put Love First for Your Son

When addiction is a dark shadow hanging over someone you love, it can make you frustrated and angry. You don’t know how to find a solution. You may lose your patience or find yourself fighting all the time. Anger is not going to solve your son’s problem and it won’t help you to find a solution. You need to sit down in a quiet moment. Hold your son’s hand. Look him in the eye and tell him you’re worried about him. You want him to be well again. You love him more than anything in the world and can’t stand to let drugs hurt him anymore. It’s time to get help.

Rehab Can Give Your Son the Strength Needed to Put Addiction Behind Him

When you are open and honest with your son, you can move forward. Your compassion will go much farther than any attacks on his behavior. He can’t erase the damage that has been done by drug addiction, but he can start fresh. Show your support for your son. Let your son know:

  • You will be by his side when it is time to enter rehab
  • You will continue to offer support while he is in rehab
  • You will be waiting for him when rehab is over
  • Your son is not alone

Rehab Will Provide the Care and Support Needed for a Successful Recovery

Once you have found the right drug rehab program, medical professionals will be able to take the steps needed to treat your son’s addiction. The first step will be a thorough evaluation as the source of your son’s addiction is identified. It’s important for staff members to be aware of what type of drug is being used, how much is used on a regular basis, and how long it has been a habit. From that point, it will be possible to create a treatment plan that will get to the root cause of your son’s addiction. Detox will clear all toxins from his system, paving the way for clear thinking. With a clear head, it will be possible to focus on what led to addiction, what your son’s triggers may be, and what healthy strategies he can use to replace his addiction. It isn’t going to happen overnight, but your son will be able to take positive steps forward when you find a program that is the right fit for him.

We are Here to Make sure Your Son Gets the Help He Needs

Let us help you with the burden of your son’s addiction. We can lighten that load for both of you. Our representatives are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us at 844-903-2111. We are ready to listen. Our compassionate representatives will be able to advise you about a rehab program that can suit your son’s needs. Once you’ve found the right program, the journey to a life that is free from addiction can begin for your son. Call us today.