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Overcoming Excuses My Son/Daughter Is Giving Me For Not Wanting To Go To Rehab

As a parent, you are naturally inclined to get your child make healthy decisions for themselves. If your child is suffering from addiction, your natural response is to offer them rehab. Unfortunately, addiction is a much more complex disease than cancer and heart disease. One of the reasons is the sufferers are not naturally inclined to seek help upon diagnosis because seeking help is like putting iodine on a fresh wound. Furthermore, the myths about rehab among active addicts delay many addicted individuals from seeking the help that they need.
There are several issues that you can discuss with your child to overcome their excuses for not wanting to go to rehab:

• Addiction rehabs are residential environments that are often located on beautiful grounds, not hospital-like or prison-like environments.
• A day in rehab does not just consist of monotone talk therapy and meetings; they will be able to participate in a variety of fun activities (e.g. art, nature exploration, swimming, going to movie nights, etc.) to heal and learn how to have fun while sober.
• Explain to your child that the friends that he or she uses drugs and alcohol with are not really his or her friends; they are only his or her friends because they share the same illness.
• Give them an ultimatum to raise the bottom. If your child does not accept your offer to go to rehab, he or she is not allowed in your home or life until they accept your offer to go to rehab.

Also make it clear that you will not be giving them any financial help.

A Safe, Nurturing Environment Where Your Child Can Begin Healing

Genesis House is located in Lake Worth, Florida by the ocean. With over 25 years of experience, we offer detox, residential treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, family support, and specialized treatment services. Our approach to treating addiction is holistic and individualized to each unique case. Our superiority in safety and quality care has earned us the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval. Recreational activities (e.g. yoga, beach trips, sports, fitness, and massage therapy) play a major role in our treatment regimen. Cost is not a major concern because we accept most major insurance plans.

Genesis House will debunk all of the myths your child may believe about rehab the second he or she arrives. If you are interested in Genesis House to start your journey to recovery, call us today at 844-903-2111