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Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction Treatment Center’s specialize in the care of patients with compulsive sexual behavior. Sexual addiction is a condition used to describe an intense sexual drive with compulsive sexual behavior. In the past few decades we have witnessed significant advances in the treatment of sexual addiction. There is a wider range of therapeutic modalities currently available to help those in need. The more knowledge we gain on addictions the more effective methods of specific treatment Genesis House Sexual Addiction Treatment Center can offer. Today there is a clear and accurate description of the human sexual response cycle and the addiction cycle. It is with this knowledge we can better treat one on an individual basis.

Sexual addiction is defined by feelings and activities surrounding sex. Sexual addiction leaves an individual powerless and makes life unmanageable as in most drug addictions. Sexual addictions are secret, isolative, abusive and shameful to one’s self and others. Sexual addiction follows the same cycle as in drugs and alcohol addiction: Preoccupation, ritualization, and compulsive behavior using sex as the compulsion, shame and despair. With sexual addiction there is a preoccupation and a compulsive drive to use repetitive destructive sexual behaviors that eventually become more important than family, friends and work. Those addicted begin to have a faulty belief system, and start using defense mechanisms such as denial, minimization, justification and blame. Sexual addiction is not driven by love, but by a compulsion that is needed to relieve some form of stress. As with all addictions it is progressive and destructive and does not get better with out help.

Sexual addiction differs from other drug addictions in that it uses the bodies own hormonal system. This system uses the body’s neurotransmitters to flood the body of its own endorphins. It is now known that people do create a tolerance to the bodies hormonal systems and that in order to obtain the same relief from stress one must go through more extremes to obtain it. Tolerance is obtained when one arouses the neuropathways on a constant bases, thus creating tolerance over time. Similar to drug and alcohol addiction with compulsive use of drugs the body requires more of the drug to reach the desired relief. In sexual addiction it is our hormonal system that develops a tolerance. Because of this the individual must try harder to reach his relief from stress. This is what brings clients to dangerously obsessive types of sex. The sex hormones are released into the body to obtain the relaxed feeling one wants. Most common sex hormones are acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin epinephrine and norepinephrine. These are the same hormones used with the stress response, which are governed by the adrenal glands. Clients undergoing treatment at Genesis House Sexual Addiction Treatment Center will be fully educated in all aspects of their addiction and learn how to move forward and work through their addiction.

Sexual addiction incorporates many forms of use such as, compulsive masturbation, pornography, internet sex, multiple partners, voyeurism, seduction, fantasy, prostitution, phone sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, sexual harassment and may proceed to molestation and rape. The Genesis House Sexual Addiction Treatment Center treats each individual in a very caring manner through establishing a trusting clinical relationship.

How Does One Know If They Have Sexual Addiction

Because sex addicts engage in distorted thinking they often use many defense mechanisms, because of this it is of paramount importance that one is evaluated by a licensed clinician. Here at Genesis House Sexual Addiction Treatment Center clinicians evaluate clients with a specialty in sex therapy. The clinician and client complete a full biopsychosocial together. It is through this extensive assessment core issues are identified along with criteria needed to diagnose one with sexual addiction. Clients are assisted to create an inventory of their past sexual activities. Many addicts uncover long histories of various types of traumas they had in the past, especially rape and molestation. Noting these behaviors often precede their acting out behaviors.

There are certain criteria for sex addiction written by author, Patrick Carnes/ PhD. As mentioned earlier many of the criteria appear to be similar with drug and alcohol dependency except that sex is the main drug. One must have an increase in tolerance, meaning it requires more and riskier types of sex to achieve the desired relief. There is a recurrent failure to resist the sexual impulses. Clients become preoccupied with their sexual thoughts and behaviors. These thoughts take over ones day as time goes by. The more preoccupied one becomes the less time they have for other activities including work and families. Clients act out in many types of out of control sexual behavior such as dangerous sexual practices, prostitution many affairs, compulsive masturbation. Clients continue their behavior despite the dangerous consequences’ such as HIV, loss of family and job and arrest risk. At Genesis House Sexual Addiction Treatment Center we work on all core issues with each individual.

Treatment for Sexual Addiction

There is treatment for Sexual addiction. Genesis House is a full service Sexual Addiction Treatment Center. Where there is a desire for help treatment is successful. With the help of the clinician a treatment plan is created not only to deal with sexual addiction but other issues. Sexual addiction is a very isolative and shameful behavior for the addict. At the Genesis House Sexual Addiction Treatment Center Program, the client will be involved in independent therapy, group therapy and family therapy to deal with all issues at hand. It is important to include significant others in the therapy as it is with other addictions. A relapse prevention group is developed so client can identify triggers, cravings and learn proper coping skills. With the use of group therapy clients will realize they are not alone in their recovery. The first step is to create a contract for an abstinence from sex with self and others while working on other core issues and stressors. The other important treatment is following the twelve step groups for sexual addiction. Another very important step is to receive information on sexual addiction and what it entails and to explore the painful histories that clients have experienced prior and during their addiction. Multiple addictions are often present in sexual addicts and must be evaluated. Relapse prevention is an important part of the recovery process. This includes learning how to deal with certain stressors, anxieties, and obsessions, and obtain proper coping techniques. Clients are also taught how to build appropriate boundaries in recovery. Sex is a normal part of a healthy life style. To obtain this clients must build a proper foundation with structured boundaries to prevent relapse.


Approximately three to six percent of the population suffers from sexual addiction. We live in a culture of instant gratification. This maybe why we have seen an increase in all addictions, starting at younger ages. Many people find Sexual Addiction Treatment Centers to be extremely helpful in overcoming their urges. Internet pornography has become a major part in sexual addiction. Sexual addiction takes place in many forms as mentioned prior. Those who want to obtain a healthy normal sexual life may do so with the help of clinicians a recovery support system and a strong motivation recovery are possible. Genesis House Sexual Addiction Treatment Center is a full service facility that provides respectful individual and group therapy for sexual addiction and substance abuse treatment. For more information on the Genesis House Sexual Addiction Treatment Center please call toll-free 24 hours a day 1.800.737.0933