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Spot The Signs Of Addiction In A Loved One And Help Them Find Substance Abuse Treatment

If you have recently noticed odd behavior in a loved one, you may be wondering whether they have some sort of drug or alcohol problem. Any type of addiction, whether it is an addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or even online video games, tends to follow the same pattern over time. Here are the signs of addiction you should be looking out for.

Many addictions suffer from behavioral problems. They may ignore consequences of their addiction and neglect responsibilities or personal hygiene. Addicts tend to lose an interest in previous hobbies, become obsessed with a drug, hide drug use, and constantly need money. They may frequently seem restless, happy, and energetic, or they may act drowsy, grumpy, and irritable.

Physical signs of addiction can vary depending on the type of drug being used, but keep an eye out for any strange physical changes. Any sudden weight gain, unusual weight loss, bloodshot eyes, enlarged pupils,small pupils, drowsiness, insomnia, nausea, shakiness, headaches, or trouble with coordination can be a sign of addiction.

What to do If You Spot Signs of Addiction

If you suspect that your loved one is dealing with an addiction, it is important to address the situation instead of ignoring it and hoping it will go away. Your support and advice can be a valuable tool in a person’s recovery. These tips will help you to deal with a loved one who is suffering from an addiction.

  • Keep an eye on the person’s behavior for a few weeks to get examples of why you think they have an addiction problem. Talk to other friends, family members, or counselors to see if they agree with your assessment.
  • Initiate a conversation with the person when they are sober and have time to talk. Emphasize that you care for the person and want to help them. Ignore blaming the person or trying to explore motives. Instead, focus on your concern for your loved one’s well being.
  • Encourage your loved one to seek treatment for their addiction. It may be helpful to already have a list of potential treatment centers they may want to consider visiting.

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