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Support Groups for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

For individuals who abuse alcohol and drugs, they feel as though they’re walking through life alone. When they’re craving their substance and can’t seem to catch a break, the weight of the world hangs on their shoulders, and as a result, they worsen their habit with self-destructive behavior. If this scenario hits too close to home, you’re not alone.

Thousands of former addicts and alcoholics have sat in your exact position: feeling afraid to ask for help, and when they do muster the courage to rely on outside assistance, they’re ridiculed and lectured for their behavior. However, there is an alternative approach that many former addicts used to leverage their chances of success: joining a support group. If you’re toying with the idea of becoming sober soon, here’s why you should join a group filled with like-minded individuals on the road to recovery.

Success in Numbers

While the phrase “success in numbers” often gets tossed around in casual conversation, few know the meaning behind the statement. In simple terms, the cumulative power of a group of people working together toward a common goal far surpasses an individual with lofty intentions. The odds of success are, without a doubt, improved when people work together to assist and motivate one another.

When we apply this philosophical statement to the world of drug abuse and recovery, we see the efficacy of support groups and how it influences people to change their lives for good. Rather than dealing with anxiety, stress, sadness, withdrawals and cravings on their own, patients have a family of individuals on the front lines with them. When they feel down and out, these are the soldiers who they can rely on for positive reinforcement.

Blending into a crowd whose sole purpose is to remain sober gives individuals newfound vigor and motivation to silence the little voice in their mind saying, “just one more time.” The psychological component behind this underlying motivation — external reinforcement — gives recovering addicts a hidden superpower to conquer their addictive inclinations. To put it bluntly, abusers are far more likely to become sober and remain substance-free when they utilize the power of support groups.

Advice From Addiction Survivors

As any person who struggles with addiction knows, managing symptoms and side effects become a round-the-clock task that drains them of energy, focus and willpower. But what if these individuals could converse with a person who not only overcame their addictive behavior but succeeded in all facets of life once they left a treatment facility? With support groups, they can!

Although each organization’s framework is unique, many groups utilize success stories and implore former addicts to speak at their meetings. The simple act of a former substance abuser spending time with individuals who are currently struggling with their addictions shows anything is possible. More importantly, former addicts have learned the nuanced techniques that give addicts their best chance of becoming sober. Through trial and error, anything is possible.

Post-Substance Life

For readers lacking the motivation to join a support group and becoming sober once and for all, consider how joyous your life could be in a year if you took sobriety seriously. Even though results vary among members of the support group, incorporating positive habits and behavioral tools to thwart off would-be relapses and usage is paramount for lifelong recovery.

Moreover, imagine the potential each addict has hidden deep inside of their imagination. When their natural abilities are dulled by a shroud of drugs and alcohol consumption, actualizing their potential becomes impossible to manage. For readers who are tired of lying to themselves and falling short on their promises, finding a support group is the first step in the right direction.

Find Your Perfect Support Group Today

When you are finally ready to drop drugs and alcohol for good, we’ll be waiting for you. Our highly-trained staff of therapists and counselors specialize in finding groups that assist newfound rehab patients in finding their way. Whether this is your first stay in a rehabilitation facility or another attempt at becoming sober, we want to help you achieve success in your endeavor.

More importantly, you owe it to yourself and the people who love you to become a sober individual. Once your system is rid of toxins, you can find the innate talents that separate you from the crowd. And when that occurs, magic can happen in the blink of an eye. Don’t wait — let us help you unshackle the heavy chains of addiction today! Call 844-903-2111.