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What Are the Most Surprising Rules at Residential Treatment Centers in Florida?

Over the course of your time dealing with an addiction, you may have broken a few rules. Some of these rules might have been mild such as showing up to work late, or they may have even led to legal consequences. You might have even broken rules that you made for yourself such as saying that you would only have one drink or make it a week without using drugs.

As an adult, you may bristle at the thought of being handed down rules such as a set curfew for quiet hours or a restriction regarding the use of your cell phone. However, there is a good reason for the rules that a residential treatment center in Florida has set in place. Your time is rehab is a special moment in your life when you can focus completely on taking care of yourself. For some people, this may be the first time that they have been able to dedicate solely toward improving their physical and mental health. The rules are there to help you focus on your recovery, and even the most surprising ones are established to help everyone to work together on the shared goal of sobriety.

You May Need to Prepare for Restrictions on Electronic Usage

In a world where you may receive hundreds of emails a day, it seems impossible to unplug. Most rehab programs place strict restrictions regarding the use of cell phones, laptops and other forms of technology. This rule is established for several purposes. First, it helps you to avoid common triggers such as work-related stress or social media that makes you feel more depressed. Second, turning off your electronic devices gives you time to put toward self-improvement. You’ll be so busy attending counseling sessions and enjoying recreational activities that you really won’t miss your smartphone. If you are worried about losing touch with your loved ones, then you can be reassured that most rehabs allow you to have contact with your family and approved friends.

You should also be aware that the restrictions regarding electronic usage may extend to entertainment sources such as televisions and e-readers. While you may be able to watch a movie or television show, the content may be restricted to only ones that are approved for a general audience. For now, avoiding movies or stories that depict the use of drugs or alcohol helps you to minimize cravings.

New Romantic Relationships Are Prohibited

Dating may be one of the last things on your mind as you head off to rehab. However, it is not uncommon for two people to discover that they share things in common as they begin to talk to each other in rehab. The staff at your treatment center do not want to stop you from having fun, but they also know that research shows that it is best to avoid new relationships when you are in recovery. Starting a new romance in rehab exposes you to potential stresses that distract you from the real reasons why you are in treatment.

At times, couples decide to get sober together. Different rehabs have their own rules about how to handle situations such as a married couple who want to attend the same program, and it can be beneficial for couples to be in a place where they can attend therapy together. When couples are allowed to attend the same treatment center, they may be asked to sleep in gender-specific rooms during their stay. They may also be asked to refrain from physical or romantic contact that could be distracting to other people staying at the rehab. This also helps to keep their focus on their recovery.

Everyone Is Expected to Follow their Treatment Plan

Many residential treatment centers can begin to feel more like a vacation than somewhere you go to get professional help with addiction. While your rehab may have awesome amenities such as a pool or gym, the truth is that you cannot spend all day doing whatever you want. During your stay, you are expect to adhere to a treatment plan that includes the following.
•attendance at individual therapy sessions
•participation in group counseling
•meeting with career coaches and other specialists
•respecting quiet times

Your success in recovery depends upon your participation in each component of your treatment plan. While it may be hard to stick to a schedule, it helps you to stay busy during each day so that you think less about your cravings.

Are you curious about the rules that we have at our rehab center? Reach out to us today so that we can fill you in on all the exciting things that we do to make your stay comfortable. Call us today at 844-903-2111.