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What Happens After Drug Treatment?

Suffering from an addiction can be agonizing. It can be equally difficult for the person with the substance abuse disorder as it can be for friends and loved ones. Frequently, there seems like no way out. However, there is.

Millions have found a pathway to recovery from alcohol and drug problems. Recovery often begins with some form of treatment. That’s the first stage in a recovery program. However, what happens after drug treatment? Let’s explore some of these important post-treatment options.

Life Continues

It may be easy to assume that some magical change is going to happen while you’re in treatment. Not to minimize the miracle of recovery, but life will continue. In fact, life never really stopped. You were just able to sort of taking a pause to stop a vicious cycle.

Many express deep concern about life challenges that will begin when treatment ends. Keep in mind, the treatment program may come to a conclusion, but recovery is a lifelong process. Recovery keeps right on going, twenty-four hours at a time.

As your recovery program transitions from treatment, inpatient or outpatient, your life will continue as well. To help provide a smooth transition from drug treatment, there are a number of suggestions you can consider.

Transitional Housing

Just as the name implies, transitional housing is a place you can live while you transition from a drug treatment program. Some refer to them as halfway houses, sober houses or recovery houses. The latter actually pinpoints the purpose of transitional housing.

Choosing to live in a transitional or sober house has a number of excellent benefits. Some individuals have very few, if any, safe choices when they complete treatment. Here a few positive things that transitional housing after treatment can provide.

  • Sober houses offer a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment.
  • Structured schedules to help you gradually work your way back into life.
  • Help and support is available 24-hours a day.
  • Job and self-improvement opportunities are frequently available through sober living houses.
  • Sober living houses are a support bridge to help you transition from treatment.

Continued Counseling

Individual counseling is a common part of virtually every treatment model. You get an opportunity to discuss your personal experiences with your addiction. A professional addiction specialist will provide critical insight into your personal circumstances.

However, these professionals provide an essential tool for your recovery after treatment as well. It would be a poor choice to assume you’re somehow magically cured once you leave treatment. One unexpected event could trigger a dangerous relapse. Continued counseling, scheduled sessions after you leave treatment, can help you continue to grow in your recovery.

Recovery Connections

For millions in recovery, the friendships, and support groups that develop after treatment, last a lifetime. Various recovery fellowships offer an outstanding support system for you immediately after you complete treatment. However, this support system can have lasting benefits for years.

Many share that through helping another alcoholic or addict; they continue to support their own recovery. The fellowships are full of like-minded people who realize how critical it is to stay clean and sober. These recovery fellowships offer scheduled meetings where you can share any challenges you’re facing.

They can provide support for many of the life situations that could trigger a relapse. Recovery fellowships do not guarantee you’ll stay clean and sober, but they do offer a place to build recovery connections.

A New Life Emerges

While we mention that life will continue after your treatment ends, we also need to impress upon you how a new life will emerge. The process of a life in recovery is different for everyone. However, everyone in recovery will experience a new sense of hope.

Most share a point when they could not imagine their life with or without drugs and alcohol. They were at a jumping-off place in life where there seemed to be no hope for anything else. Once you find your way to treatment, a new life begins to emerge on day one. That life will grow as your recovery grows.

Recovery opens a wonderful new way to live. Often, the journey begins with a treatment program. Once this program is completed, recovery does not stop. Recovery is a lifelong journey. These are just a few important things that happen after drug treatment.

If you feel you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, reach out for help. Recovery begins with that one simple request. You don’t have to feel trapped in your addiction. Help is available. All you need to do is ask. Reach out today and begin your own journey in recovery.  Call 844-903-2111.