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What Makes Residential Treatment Centers in Florida Different from Outpatient?

The addiction epidemic has prompted the recovery industry to open outpatient programs to cater to people who cannot or do not want to attend residential treatment programs. Florida, the recovery capital of America, is famous for its beautiful, high-quality residential treatment centers. If you are suffering from addiction and are ready to break free, you might be torn between a residential treatment center and outpatient treatment center.

Residential treatment centers in Florida are different from outpatient by:

The Ability to Solely Focus on Your Recovery

Residential treatment centers allow you to focus solely on your recovery because you are not going to school, work, or your home. You live at the facility during the period of time that you are in treatment and stay at the facility for the most part. Your daily agenda is filled with recovery-related activities.

Receiving the Holistic Approach

Outpatient facilities do not get the chance to provide you with the full holistic approach due to time constraints. Residential treatment facilities have the opportunity to teach you how to maintain a recovery-friendly diet, exercise, and care for your own living quarters. You may also receive chiropractic care, acupuncture, bio sound therapy, and other holistic therapies.

On-Site Detox

Most residential rehab facilities have a detox program for clients upon their entrance to the facility. Having a detox program at your rehab facility saves you time and money that would be spent on finding and going to another facility for detox.

Residential Treatment Success Rates

The success rates of residential treatment are significantly higher than those of outpatient treatment alone. Residential treatment helps people by keeping them off drugs and alcohol for a period of time. The longer you are away from drugs and alcohol, the less likely you are to go back to using them. One study shows that people who attended 90 days of residential treatment or more had a success rate of 90 percent.

Florida’s addiction treatment centers are one of the best in the world. The holistic model was founded in Florida in the 1980’s; therefore, the treatment centers and counselors are highly-skilled in the treatment protocol. The beautiful Florida environment is the ideal environment for healing.

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