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How to Stop Enabling Your Grown Child

Why Should We Consider Sending Our Son or Daughter Out of State For Rehab?

If you are reading this information, we will assume you have a child who is struggling with addiction. We certainly understand how disheartening that can be. You spend al, those years raising them only to see them fall victim to the cycle of addiction.

As a parent, your instincts will tell you that you need to do all you can to help them. That is absolutely true, but we caution about getting pulled into becoming a codependent parent. If you really want to help, you can start by trying to get them help. That would include helping them find a rehab where they can get the kind of treatment they need.

As you contemplate where to find a rehab, your first instinct will be to check out the drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in your area. That would certainly be the most convenient option for you and your child. With that said, there is a possibility the rehab centers in your area lack bed space due to the recent surge in substance abuse throughout the U.S. If your child is a minor, your choices might be limited because some rehabs are for adults only for the protection of the children.

As you begin your quest to find a rehab for your son, we would suggest that you expand the possibilities by considering looking for a rehab in another state. By increasing your options, you also increase the possibility you will find exactly the kind of rehab you and your family want and need.

Quite often, experts from the addiction treatment community will go so far as to suggest that sending your son out of town for treatment might be the best option. We believe that as well. That’s not to say there aren’t great rehab facilities in your area. But what if the available facilities have limitations as far as the quality of treatment they can offer? Why not consider finding the best possible rehab no matter where it might be.

In the next sections, we will discuss reasons why sending your son out of state might make sense.

Reasons Why Out of State Addiction Treatment Could be a Good Choice

Convenience is something that you and your family should consider so you can be near your son while he gets treatment. However, that might benefit you more than him. For him, the best option is the one that will help him recover from his addiction with no relapses in the future. Here is what we believe are the best arguments for out of state addiction treatment:

  • Remove your son from a poisonous environment
  • Offers a wider range of treatment options from top rehabs and treatment professionals
  • change of scenery can change a persons outlook on life

Seek Better Treatment Environment

Remember, your local community is the area that gave rise to your son’s addiction. That is where his substance-abusing friends and drug dealers live. By removing him from that poisonous environment, you would effectively remove some of the potential interference he might encounter from outside sources. This would especially be something of a concern if he were to participate in any kind of an outpatient program. The thing is you want your son to avoid outside interference so he can focus on his recovery.

More Treatment Options

There are a lot of high-quality rehabs in the U.S. We believe our facility fits that bill. By expanding access to treatment, your son might get an opportunity to work with one of the top addiction treatment specialists in the country. They might also encounter new treatment methods that are changing the treatment community and how we solve addiction issues.

Change of Scenery

With triggers, temptation, a lot of bad memories, it could be that your son is being hurt by being in a toxic place. Sometimes, time away from a toxic place can change a person’s outlook on life. They might also get an opportunity to see another part of the country and experience living in a different culture.

If you would be willing to send your son out of state for treatment, we would love to have him come to our facility. We welcome people of all ages and walks of life. To get started, we would request that you contact us at 844-903-2111. That would give us an opportunity to tell you more about our facility and how we can help your son.