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Will Rehabilitation Centers Help With Both Physical And Mental Health Problems?

A decision to enter treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is a life-changing event. Rehabilitation requires some thought, and it has implications for both you, your family, and even your friends and co-workers. If you have made the decision to enter treatment, good for you—–you are about to reclaim your life and find new depth and richness to life activities, emotions, and relationships.

You might be wondering what types of services are available in rehabilitation. Depending on pre-existing conditions, the extent of your substance abuse and addiction, and the physical and mental stress that your body has been under, you may require different types of services in order to bring mind and body back into balance.

Checking with your insurance company to see what services are covered can be a proactive step in preparing for care. You’ll want to take advantage of any and all services that you require and qualify for in order to give yourself a quality rehabilitation experience. Here are some of the many services that you can take advantage of in a quality rehabilitation and treatment center:

1. Psychiatric Services
One of the first things you should do upon entering rehab is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. During this evaluative process, your team of doctors will determine which types of treatment are appropriate for you. They will be able to assess any medications you are taking and adjust dosage as needed to keep you safe and comfortable during treatment. Talk to your doctor about your mental, emotional and physical needs, and they will be able to administer medication that can make the detox process more comfortable.

2. Medical Interventions
Depending on the amount of time that you have been using and abusing drugs, you may have sustained physical damage to your body that needs attention. You will likely go through a period of detoxification, and this may throw your body into a healing crisis that may make it necessary to receive medical care or interventions. Rest assured, staff and medical professionals that work at these centers are well acquainted with the signs and symptoms of a healing crisis, and they are equipped to deal with all levels of detox safely and efficiently. Again, talk to your medical team and let them know what your symptoms are, as well as what you need in order to feel safer and more comfortable. They will work with you to help bring your overtaxed system back into balance once more.

3. Mental and Emotional services
One of the reasons that you are struggling with addiction and substance abuse is your inability to process difficult emotions and thoughts that have caused pain and discomfort. Your medical team will design a therapy/group plan for you so that you can bring out and safely process some of these difficult emotions, you can share your thoughts and learn to make healthy connections with others, and to truly begin to heal. There is no getting around it; you will have to deal with the demons that you have been hiding from in order to find peace and tranquility in your life once more. Be brave, face your difficulties, and find new, healthy ways of dealing with challenges. You will never be completely challenge-free; it’s time to embrace that side of life and look forward to the strength that you will gain in the face of overcoming adversity.

4. Options for inpatient/outpatient treatment
You and your care team have options for designing the best rehabilitation treatment for you. Depending on the level of care that you think you need, you will be able to choose from inpatient treatment, where you are housed in a controlled environment for the beginning stages of detox and recovery, or outpatient treatment, where you are required to participate in therapies, psychiatric evaluations, and medical checkups to monitor your progress. Choosing the right type of therapy is key to the success of your program. If you choose the treatment that is too intensive, you may become overwhelmed and tempted to quit, while treatment that doesn’t follow you closely enough may cause you to relapse and walk away from it altogether. You’ll have to do some soul searching as you decide what is best for you; involve others in these discussions, realizing that you need the help and support of others to make any rehabilitation program work.

You’re taking an exciting step!
Regardless of what type of services you choose to take advantage of in treatment, know that you are on an exciting and rewarding journey to a more fulfilling life. If you are ready to get started on the road to recovery, give us a call today at 844-903-2111. A healthier, more joyful life is in your future!