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5 Reasons Why an Inpatient Drug Rehab Is Better Than Outpatient

If you don’t have experience with drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you may have questions about the difference between inpatient treatment and an outpatient program. You may feel inclined to select an outpatient treatment option without understanding the differences.

The differences between the two are very important to consider before you make a decision which to choose. Here is information that will help to show you why opting to enroll in an inpatient drug rehab may be a better choice than choosing an outpatient program.

Why Would You Choose Inpatient over Outpatient Treatment?

The first thing to appreciate when thinking about these two treatment choices is that inpatient is residential. There are benefits from being in a residential setting during the early stages of your recovery.

The level of personal attention at an inpatient facility is also an important feature to remember. Outpatient therapists are trained to provide the support tools you need for your recovery.

However, inpatient counselors are available 24 hours and through the residential environment they will become a part of your recovery family. These differences are not listed to make you think outpatient treatment is a bad thing.

However, there are things to consider that are very important when you are faced with a choice between the two drug rehab options. Here are five simple reasons why an inpatient drug treatment is better than outpatient.

The Harsh Reality of Detox

There are intense physical and mental side effects during detox. No one should ever consider trying to self-detox themselves. Inpatient facilities will provide you with a safe, structured period of inpatient detoxification.

Your detox period will be medically monitored, so you complete it safely and successfully. Without this period of medically supervised detoxification, you put yourself and your recovery at risk.

Changing Your Environment

When you select an outpatient treatment program, you will return to your own residence when you’re not in session. Many of the things that might trigger you to relapse will be right in front of your face. In an inpatient facility, you will reside with like-minded people.

The people you will be living with during this important early stage in your recovery will be people striving towards recovery just like you are. Things from your old environment that might trigger a relapse will be removed during this delicate period in your recovery.

24 Hour Support System

In an outpatient program you will have the support of counselors and staff. However, when you step away from the facility you will be on your own. In a residential inpatient facility, a professional staff of compassionate counselors will be available 24 hours a day.

When you’re first considering which type of treatment program to select, this aspect of a residential setting may not seem important. However, as you begin to experience challenges to your mental state of mind, it is so critical to have someone to talk with.

No Distractions

One thing that derails many attempts at recovery is the everyday distractions inherent in life. When you make the commitment to enroll in an inpatient recovery program, you can remove life’s hassles from the equation long enough to build a foundation towards successful recovery.

Building a Recovery Family

There will be many stages in your recovery where you will build new relationships. Sure, you may well make lifelong friends in an outpatient program. However, there is nothing quite like the bond you will build with some in your residential treatment community.

The sense of family created at an inpatient facility cannot be replicated in an outpatient environment. When you leave the residential community, you will carry with you, friendships for life that are akin to building a new family in your recovery.

While your needs and how severely you are addicted play a role in which treatment program you should consider, ultimately it is better to err on the side of caution. If there is any question in your mind whatsoever, you should elect to enroll in a residential inpatient facility.

The fact is, your life may well depend on this single decision. If you’re like many people struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, you may be confused about your next should be. To help you make this all-important life decision, counselors are ready to speak with you 24 hours a day. Help is only a phone call away. Call 800-737-0933

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