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Can I Go To Detox For Multiple Substances At The Same Time?

Some people only use one drug of choice, while others develop an intense array of different addictions. Using multiple substances is fairly common, especially if you’ve been trying to stop taking one drug and end up using another. Or, you may have developed your addiction after living a party lifestyle where people were constantly pressuring you to try different things. Today, people develop addictions to multiple substances in ways that people might not expect. For instance, you might have started using marijuana and prescription painkillers along with alcohol to numb your chronic pain. At the point that you are asking if you can go to detox for multiple substances at the same time, you’ve likely realized the toll that your addictions is taking on your health and happiness. You can absolutely go to detox to deal with multiple addictions at once. In fact, you’ll likely find that it is the recommended option for obtaining complete sobriety.

Understand the Risks of Detoxing From Multiple Substances Alone

The prospect of quitting several drugs at once may leave you worried about experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. There is a higher risk of you having more severe withdrawal symptoms simply because different drugs can cause you to feel different ways as they wear off in your body. In detox, you can get help with these symptoms that people sometimes experience when they are quitting several types of drugs.

  • shaking and tremors
  • nausea and vomiting
  • insomnia
  • hallucinations
  • confusion
  • seizures

You can likely handle one round of vomiting on your own, but you could be putting yourself in danger if you tried to make it through a night of constant sickness alone. Drug detox programs are designed with people just like you in mind. If the fact that you use several drugs increases your risk for major withdrawal symptoms, then there is a detox program ready to step in to keep you safe. Reaching out for help might feel hard at first, but going to detox could be a lifesaving step that you take as you get sober.

Remember the Benefits of Quitting Everything at Once

When you’ve thought about how to get sober, you might have wondered if it is better to stop using one drug at a time. This is especially common with people who wonder if it is really necessary to stop drinking alcohol when that doesn’t seem to be part of their problem. Drug detox counselors will typically recommend quitting all of the drugs at once. This might lead to more intense withdrawal symptoms in the beginning, but the pay off is that your detox process will be shorter. Trying to quit drugs one by one prolongs the process, which makes it easier to just give into your cravings.

Getting the chemicals out of your body faster makes it easier to achieve a clear mind that is receptive to learning new strategies for staying sober. The first few days of your new sober lifestyle might be rough, but you’ll soon start to see the clouds clear. Quitting all of the drugs helps you to begin to see your true personality emerge, which gives you motivation for working harder to stay sober.

Find Out How to Address the Underlying Reasons for Your Addiction

You might have started using all of the substances that you became addicted to for different reasons. However, addictions often have the same root for their development. You might have an undiagnosed or untreated mental health condition such as depression or PTSD. Or, you may struggle with living in stressful circumstances. Detoxing from every drug that you take at once puts you in a position where you can begin working on your problems. You’ll even find that your addiction treatment starts from your very first day in detox.

Detox services only work as well as you let them. When you enroll in your detox program, make sure to tell the intake counselors about all of the drugs that you take along with how much you use and how often. This helps them to set you up with a treatment program that leads to success. They’ll need to know if you use multiple substances so that they can monitor your health accordingly and take actions to prevent you from having severe withdrawal symptoms.

Has your addiction expanded to include multiple substances? We know of a detox program that knows exactly how to help. Give us a call at 844-903-2111 to start getting sober today.