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How Much Will It Cost For Me To Send Someone To Detox?

How much will it cost for me to send someone to detox? This is a question we hear very often. We know that addiction rehab costs a lot of money, and because this is not something everyone can afford, people are always looking for options where they don’t have to spend too much to get help.

Detoxification is the process of removing all substances from an individual’s body, including drugs and alcohol. This period usually lasts between 5 days and 2 weeks. Some people leave rehab before their treatment ends, but many stay for the whole time, allowing them to get on track with recovery in a safe environment free from temptation and triggers.

Drug and alcohol detox prices vary greatly depending on where you choose to go: some centers offer luxury packages while others may be more affordable. They also differ depending on the kind of addiction treatment you plan to enter after detox. If your goal is long-term recovery or another form of rehabilitation, you will probably need to participate in several different programs, each with its price tag. On the other hand, if your goal is to find out whether treatment is for you or not, half a day of detoxification may be enough. This article will try to explain how much drug detox usually costs and what factors influence these prices.

Detoxification Costs And The Factors That Influence Them
Drug detox costs depend on many different variables: duration of treatment, type of facility offering it, location, amenities included in the package, etc. Let’s go over this one by one.

Treatment Duration

The first thing you need to consider is that drug detox itself doesn’t last for too long. It’s usually a matter of days between 5 and 14, depending on what drug a person has been taking, how often they’ve used it, and whether they have any underlying medical conditions. It takes about 72 hours or three days to clear all drugs from your body completely. After this period, people are usually free from withdrawal symptoms. When you enter a detox center, treatment starts immediately with therapy sessions followed by counseling or therapy sessions led by professionals in addiction medicine. There is no point staying at the facility for longer than necessary since your body is already clean.

Type of Facility

Some facilities offer both types of programs while some specialize in one of them; in any case, it’s best not to make your choice based on price but rather on the kind of care you need.

Inpatient programs are recommended for people who have experienced severe or lengthy drug/alcohol use, those who have repeatedly tried outpatient treatment yet haven’t been able to stay clean long term, and those with psychiatric issues that may complicate withdrawal. Inpatient treatment is also best suited for people with moderate to severe addiction who do not live near their home community; changing environments reduces temptation and triggers, which can help avoid relapse.

People who advocate outpatient treatment say it costs less than inpatient programs, but they may lead more quickly to relapse due to poor coping skills of clients and lack of sufficient support from therapists and others involved with the patient’s care (e.g., employers). On the other hand, those who promote inpatient programs point out that outpatients often don’t participate fully in therapy sessions; as a result, they may continue abusing drugs/alcohol while receiving treatment for their problem. They also argue that outpatient programs are not as safe as inpatient ones because they lack the necessary medical supervision.


The location of your detox center is also essential; apart from the closer proximity to home, it’s more convenient to be treated locally since you can easily visit family and friends, enjoy recreational activities, etc. On the other hand, if you don’t have any local options or prefer traveling, you’ll save some money on rehab costs by doing it out of state/out of the country – this is especially true if you opt for long term treatment that lasts several months or even years. It just makes sense to choose locations where living expenses are lower than in populated cities, so they don’t eat up most of your income.

By putting the above information into consideration, you now have a clear understanding of how much it will cost you to send someone to detox. Feel free to contact anytime for the best professional services in the country. What are you waiting for? Call us at 844-903-2111!