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Can My Girlfriend And I Go To The Same Rehab At The Same Time?

Making a decision to get clean after struggling with an addiction is one of the first steps in a patient’s recovery journey. However, in some cases, this problem may affect two people who are in a romantic relationship. This brings on the question of whether one can go to the same rehab as their partner at the same time. According to experts, couple rehab is possible, albeit with several challenges.

Attending the same rehab with your girlfriend is possible; however, in most cases, couples who are addicted to alcohol or substance abuse often fight and exhibit emotional withdrawal. This often leads to relapse as a coping mechanism against stress and relationship-related problems.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Relationships

Alcohol and substance abuse is considered one of the major challenges facing your mental and physical health and that of your girlfriend; in most cases, it also causes a strain on your relationship. Continued drug abuse creates a toxic environment both inside and outside your relationship and contributes to elevated stress levels and other factors that negatively impact you and your girlfriend.

Some of the issues related to continuing drug and substance abuse include;
• Arguments related to substance abuse such as money, responsibilities, and emotional disconnection.
• Cases of domestic violence.
• The emergence of co-dependent behaviors where you cover for your girlfriend.
• Feeling the need to abuse drugs to get intimate or show affection.
• Emotional withdrawal from family and friends.

Can Couple Attend Rehab Together?

There are several rehab centers that give couples a chance to attend treatment together. Going for rehab together has several benefits to you and your girlfriend, especially if both of you are ready to start the journey. Attending treatment together allows the professionals to break the cycle of addiction and strengthen your relationship by getting to the root of the addiction.

When struggling with addiction, you and your partner may find it difficult to openly express your feelings, make decisions, handle finances and parenting, and set boundaries in your relationship. Couples’ addiction treatment sessions give you access to education, counseling, and problem-solving skills to help you deal with your situation.

A couples’ addiction treatment session is not restricted to couples where both partners are addicts; it also serves cases where only one partner is an addict. Through these sessions, the other partner can learn to manage the triggers and help their partner stay clean. Studies show that couples seeking treatment together have a significant success rate compared to cases where addicts receive individual therapy.

What to Expect in Couples’ Addiction Treatment

Not every treatment method can work for every couple. At a couple’s rehab, each treatment is tailored to meet the specific needs of every couple. However, in most cases, every treatment program has four stages;
• Patient Assessment- here, you and your girlfriend will undergo a medical and psychiatric evaluation. This helps to ascertain the level of care and the type of treatment that best fits you.
• Detox- during this stage, most patients undergo detox. However, this may not be necessary.
• Addiction Treatment- here, you will undergo a series of group, behavioral and individual counseling supported by couples-based therapy. You can either choose an inpatient or outpatient setting.
• Aftercare- once you complete your counseling sessions and other treatment programs, it’s best to continue seeing your therapist; this way, you can come up with an aftercare plan. The importance of aftercare is to help you identify ways to maintain your recovery path, avoid relapse, and develop meaning in your life. This way, you can effectively strengthen your relationship and build a stronger bond with your girlfriend.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Rehab for Couples

Regardless of the type of drug you use, couples drug rehab centers are well equipped to help you and your partner overcome your addiction and take back control of your lives and relationship. Most of the treatment programs cover a wide range of drug addictions, including:
• Alcohol
• Marijuana.
• Crack.
• Heroin.
• Cocaine.
• Prescription drugs.

Aside from addressing your drug problem, these centers are also equipped to deal with dual diagnosis issues such as anxiety and depression that may be affecting you and your partner.

Finding a Couples’ Drug and Alcohol Rehab near Me

There are several couples’ addiction treatment centers you can pick for you and your girlfriend. However, before settling on one, you need to carefully consider the programs offered and see if they meet your and your partner’s needs. Regardless of your location, there is always a place for you and your loved one. When ready to start your journey to recovery, you can contact us directly or through our website. Our counselors and team are on-call 24hours a day. Call us at 844-903-2111.