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Do I have to be sober to go to an inpatient rehab center?

You no longer know how to make it through a day without turning to your addiction. It’s on your mind day and night. You’re consumed with a need to find more to get the only thing that makes you happy anymore. Your addiction is destroying everything that is important in your life. You can’t work. You can’t sleep. You’re hardly eating anything. You’ve pushed away everyone who matters in your life. You can’t go on this way. You need to get help. The problem is you can’t get it together to walk in the door of an addiction recovery facility. You can’t help but ask yourself, “Do I have to be sober to go to an inpatient rehab center?”

Rehab centers don’t expect their clients to kick their substance abuse habit before entering the program. They are medical professionals who understand the challenges of addiction. Their main goal is to help people like you to win the battle against substance abuse. You don’t need to put pressure on yourself of being clean before you check-in. If you are like most people who are facing some form of addiction, you know how hard it is to quit. If you could do it by yourself, it would have happened already. Trying to cut yourself off on your own is dangerous. The intense cravings and discomfort of withdrawal can push you to desperation. Accidental overdose often occurs when victims of addiction will do anything to feel better. A rehab center can guide you safely through the process on your way to being sober again.

You Don’t Have to Walk This Road Alone

The road to addiction is often dark, depressing, and lonely. That temporary rush or high that comes from the source of your addiction isn’t going to give you comfort in the end. Even though you’ve been facing this struggle on your own, you don’t have to anymore. The first step to turning around your life is to ask for help. The next step is to begin treatment in a rehab center that understands:

  • Addiction recovery won’t happen overnight
  • You need to be removed from your temptations
  • You need time and space to focus on your needs
  • You need to understand why you became a victim of addiction

When you become a client at a rehab center, you can finally lean on a team of professionals who are stronger than your addiction. They will be by your side as you find out what it is like to be sober once again.

Agreeing to begin treatment in a rehab center is making a commitment to yourself to get better. Staff members will sit down and talk with you when you enter the program. They’ll evaluate your situation and determine the right treatment plan for you. You’ll be provided with a safe haven where you can go through the first stage of recovery known as detox. Many victims of addiction consider this to be the greatest challenge as toxins are released from their body. It means no longer being able to turn to addiction as withdrawal sets in. The staff around you will take care of you until it is over. This phase of treatment usually takes a few days to a week. Once the source of your addiction is no longer in your system, you will be able to focus on your recovery.

Reap the Benefits of Addiction Recovery

Once you’ve completed the detox stage of treatment, you will work closely with your therapists to conquer your addiction. You will have the advantage of working with a professional who understands how addiction has affected you, creating a chemical dependency you must overcome. You’ll meet regularly to discuss your life. You’ll gain an understanding of anything in your past that could have left a hole inside of you that you had to fill. You’ll learn how to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Discover healthy ways to face life’s challenges. You’ll be part of a community of others who are undergoing similar struggles. Staff members will make sure you are getting the nourishment your body needs to be strong again. A rehab center isn’t only treating your addiction. Your rehab facility is focusing on the whole person to give you the resources you need to live without addiction.

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