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What Happens at a West Palm Beach Rehab Center?

Choosing a rehab center in West Palm Beach is an excellent option for many reasons. West Palm Beach is a beautiful place, and you will go through treatment in a warm, sunny climate with access to beaches and a vibrant city. Even more important, Florida is renowned for its many high-quality drug and alcohol treatment centers. Here’s what you can expect when you begin treatment there.

Arriving at Rehab: What Is It Like?

Your first day at rehab begins with a complete medical examination. Many people with substance abuse have undiagnosed medical problems, and a doctor will determine if you need immediate medical help before starting treatment. You’ll also complete your insurance paperwork and payment arrangements. If someone else is taking care of these things, bring that person with you.

Be prepared to feel a range of emotions. People entering treatment feel hopeful, but it’s also natural to feel anxious and frightened. That comes along with any change, and you may feel especially worried about leaving your loved ones and having to spend time in a new place on your own. Think of this as a chance to focus on what’s best for you. Right now, dealing with your addiction is the most important thing you can do for yourself and those you care about.

What You Can and Can’t Bring

In most cases, you will be at the center for at least 30 days. Here’s what you should pack:

• Comfortable, casual clothes
• Toiletries
• Personal grooming items
• Cash for vending machines
• Insurance card
• Credit or debit card
• Driver’s license
• Doctor-prescribed medications
• Books or magazines
• Personal music player
• List of important phone numbers

Don’t bring:

• Drugs or alcohol
• Clothing that promotes drug or alcohol use
• Weapons
• Toiletries that contain alcohol
• Expensive jewelry
• Outside food and drinks

What about your cell phone or laptop? Check with the individual treatment center. Some allow you to use your phone and laptop, but others only allow them during specific times.

First Day

In practical terms, here’s what you can expect on the first day.

If you are not in immediate medical need, you will meet briefly with a counselor to discuss your treatment plan and any rules you should know about. A staff member will check your luggage and bags. Someone will show you to your room. You can use the rest of the day to settle in and get to know the facility. You will also receive a schedule of your therapy appointments, mealtimes and group meetings.

If you have been using drugs or alcohol for a long time, your stay will begin with a medically supervised detox. This may happen at a hospital or clinic affiliated with the treatment center. Medical detox, as it’s known, is a way to remove the drugs or alcohol from your body safely and without withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal without medical intervention is uncomfortable, and it can be dangerous for some people. With medical detox, you never have to suffer the pain, sickness and psychological symptoms of withdrawal.

After your detox is over, you’ll go to your room to rest. After that, you begin the serious work of recovery.

What Will Your Days Be Like?

You’ll have a full schedule of individual therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention classes, mealtimes and homework. At some rehab centers, you’ll also take part in art therapy, meditation, exercise therapy or other forms of recreation therapy. You may attend 12-step meetings as part of your recovery.

You’ll also have some downtime. Many rehab centers organize social events, including cookouts and trips to the beach. There is usually a group living room with games and televisions.

You can have visitors, but they must not be fellow addicts or anyone associated with your former lifestyle. Your family can visit, and they’re encouraged to take part in family therapy sessions. In short, your days will be full, but you’ll have plenty of time to relax and reflect.

Why Is West Palm Beach a Good Location for Rehab?

Going through recovery is difficult. It is a little easier if you’re in a serene, lovely setting where you can get help from nature to heal. This is your chance to experience the joys of sunshine and healthy living that your addiction took away. You’ll also get top-notch care from addiction specialists in Florida.

We Can Find the Perfect Florida Treatment Center

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