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Drug Maker, Foundation Offer Free Naloxone to High Schools

NARCANYes, it has gotten that bad. Overdoses related to opiates such as heroin and prescription painkillers are becoming so pervasive that Adapt Pharma and the Clinton Foundation are offering a free case of NARCAN (naloxone hydrocholoride nasal spray) to every high school in the country through the states’ department of education.

Recent news from the CDC shows that drug overdose rates have increased in nearly every county in America, and last year they topped more than 47,000 overall. With 60% of these overdose deaths being caused by opioids, it’s no wonder that there is such an initiative.

“We understand the crucial role schools can play to change the course of the opioid overdose epidemic by working with students and families. We also want every high school in the country to be prepared for an opioid emergency by having access to a carton of NARCAN Nasal Spray at no cost,” said Seamus Mulligan, Chairman and CEO of Adapt Pharma in a release from the company. “We look forward to working with our partners to implement these initiatives which build on the significant progress being made by legislators and community groups.”

“We are pleased to encourage public-private collaborations expanding access to naloxone,” said Rain Henderson, CEO of the Clinton Health Matters Initiative. “We are hopeful this effort will facilitate a dialogue amongst students, educators, health professionals, and families about the risks of opioid overdose and ensure naloxone is available in schools that decide to take steps to address opioid overdose emergencies.”

This is another step in efforts to distribute various forms of naloxone throughout the country, including providing it to first responders and making it available direct to the general public. Critics say that it just gives addicts a false sense of security to continue using, but in reality it works as a form of life-saving intervention that can begin the route to recovery. One of the biggest steps is to first reduce the number of casualties, combined with strong prevention and education programs. Of course there also has to be effective treatment administered to help people to stay away from the drugs thereafter.

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