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Florida Rapid Detox

Is A Florida Rapid Detox A Good Choice If Normal Detox Is Too Hard?

Detoxification and withdrawal are always the very first steps in addiction recovery. Unfortunately, they are also the most challenging. Whether going “cold turkey”, taking part in a medication-assisted program, or trying to gradually wean yourself off of drugs on your own, you may find yourself struggling to make it through this initial phase. Fortunately, a Florida rapid detox center can be an excellent alternative to normal detox, especially for those who have tried traditional detoxification methods before, and with little success.

Florida detox is designed to expedite an incredibly uncomfortable process that typically last several weeks. With this cutting-edge detoxification method, it’s possible to circumvent the physical and emotional challenges of withdrawal almost entirely. When choosing rapid detox programs, patients are placed under anesthesia for a period of approximately four to six hours. During this time, opioid antagonist drugs are used to totally eliminate prescription painkillers or heroin from their systems. Once awakened, people will find that all drugs and drug residues have been effectively flushed from their bodies so that no withdrawal symptoms remain. If the fear of withdrawal-related pain has been preventing you from seeking the help you need, this manner of detoxification can provide a swift and virtually painless alternative.

What You Need To Know About Rapid Detox

Although rapid detox can be a better and more comfortable way to start the recovery process, it should not be seen as a shortcut to total wellness. This process merely eliminates harmful drugs from patients’ systems and prepares them for the next leg of their journeys in addiction treatment. The many psychological and emotional effects of drug abuse must still be addressed. More importantly, patients will still need to learn more about the underlying causes of their substance use disorder, discover healthy coping strategies, and establish sustainable plans for keeping their lives on track.

It is also important to note that this procedure is performed entirely under IV sedation. As such, there are several risks associated with rapid detox that are not common with normal detoxification methods. Full-service rapid detox clinics, however, are staffed around the clock by seasoned teams of highly trained medical professionals. Not only can these individuals help mitigate the risks associated with rapid detox, but they can also assist patients in becoming mentally and physically ready for all that lies ahead. With this support, many people show far better tolerance for detoxification challenges and go on to experience impressive levels of overall treatment success.

Opioid Treatment And The Use Of Maintenance Drugs

To fully understand the potential benefits of rapid detox, Florida locals must consider the alternatives. MAT or medication-assisted treatment is designed to minimize withdrawal symptoms with maintenance drugs such as suboxone or methadone. Unfortunately, these maintenance drugs can lead to new forms of addiction and drug dependence. For patients who are looking to totally free themselves from the damaging effects of substance abuse, this particular route isn’t always appealing. In a sense, it can leave patients trading one opioid problem for another. Moreover, as MAT patients progress in their recoveries, many find that the doses of their maintenance medications increase, rather than decline. This is due in large part to the body’s innate ability to increase its tolerance with prolonged exposure. It is also the result of insufficient knowledge of the best methods for controlling and managing the effects of these maintenance drugs. Rapid detox can help patients bypass the need for suboxone or methadone altogether. For those struggling with opiate addiction, there are a number of medications that can be used to control ongoing physical cravings that might otherwise derail their recoveries. While these products are unlikely to cause addiction, they cannot be used until patients are entirely opioid-free. With rapid detox, those who are committed to recovery can access these non-addictive support products within just a matter of hours.

Rapid Detox Can Set The Stage For Total Freedom

Many people are inspired to start recovery by a desire for personal freedom. Having your life controlled by a virtually unceasing craving for drugs can be devastating. With medication-assisted opioid treatment, there is often the risk of becoming dependent upon the very maintenance drugs that are meant to make you better. Conversely, Florida’s rapid detox will give you near-instant access to support products that will eliminate your cravings and that aren’t known to be addictive. With these services, you can sidestep the initial and most challenging stages of drug treatment. If you’re ready to free yourself from the binds of opiate addiction, we’re here to help. Call us now at 844-903-2111.