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How Genesis House Handles a Hurricane!

The Genesis House staff stepped up, and went out of their way to ensure our client’s safety during the hurricane Irma.  

When the warning to evacuate began, our Tech’s Arlene, Dan, Jordan and Mike assisted in transporting the clients to a hotel in Orlando for safety during hurricane Irma. The Tech’s stayed with the clients around the clock for 6 days. Some of the Tech’s left their family to be with the clients and even our newest Tech offered help without hesitation. Our team at Genesis House never ceases to amaze us with the willingness and eagerness to help our clients. We are very thankful to have such amazing staff members.  

During the stay in Orlando, the clients were kept busy with our staff, they attended outside recovery meetings, saw a movie, enjoyed bowling, played miniature golf and ate out almost every night. The nights the clients did not go out to eat, we ordered take out! We know coming to treatment is not easy and can be stressful. So, with a hurricane coming we wanted to keep our clients busy, happy, comfortable, safe and supported. 

Our Therapist Natasha also stayed the entire time with the clients. Treatment for our clients did not stop even with a storm coming. Natasha continues to have three to four process groups during the day and met with clients individually as needed.

Our Clients expressed a great deal of gratitude for the way Genesis House went above and beyond to ensure their safety. They shared that they felt supported and comfortable during their stay. 

Some clients come to treatment not feeling lovable or worthy of anything due to their actions during active addiction. However, the care we provided was not only about safety but also for them to know that they are very lovable and completely worthy of being cared for no matter what their past entailed.

Skyler N