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At Least I Have a Glass!

Is your glass half empty or half full? This expression is used to explain how we perceive situations or life events. Perception is different for everyone and is our own perception of reality. This phrase is usually used to indicate that a situation could be a cause for optimism (half full) or pessimism (half empty), depending on the individual and the personal perspective. However, in recovery we can see it from a different perspective considering our past, and gratefully say at least we have a glass! The complete expression of gratitude is knowing we have our share of both optimism and pessimism but are alive to feel both due to getting clean and sober. We do not need to look at a situation as bad or good as a situation we are grateful to be going through alive, aware, willing to endure it and not numb. I feel my fellow recovering addicts can understand this more than anyone, we have seen hell and heaven, so if that glass is half full or half empty, we remain thankful we at least still have a glass!
The perspective of the glass being half full or empty can change from day to day depending on the person, including myself. However, after a near death experience I was once told- “at least you have a glass.” This quickly gave me a chance to get my thoughts grounded and to realize, yes, the situation may not be ideal and it may be hard to get through, but I still have the ability and strength to get through it with a lesson learned. The fact that I made it through the trauma was a blessing. It wasn’t about being optimistic or pessimistic; it was just being grateful to be alive and breathing! Suddenly I began noticing the small things more. In many instances, it is all about perspective… isn’t it? So, if you can just alter your perspective a little today to have gratefulness instead of negativity it may create a better impact on your day. Something so little can go a long way. Today, I invite you to try this!  
Skyler N.