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Karen’s Kula May 2019

Hello Alumni and Yogis,
April has come and gone. The month of New Beginnings. April was Inspiring Spring into FULL bloom. Life is filled with new beginnings and abundant opportunities! 
May is here the month of Transformation! Encouraging us to be open enough to begin to step out of our comfort zone and into this new, vibrant, colorful world with infinite possibilities. Take a deep breath in, let it go….. Pause, look around, notice all the little shifts that happen each and every day. Be Amazed!!! When fear and doubt creep in, as they always do – Take a deep breath in, let it go…. Pause, look around, notice and remind yourself – I can do it! I trust that things happen for a reason! I am supported! I am important! Move forward and watch how life shifts from fear and anxiety, to ease and curiosity! We practice – a body at ease can not have disease! All these reminders. All these messages are teaching you to LOVE YOURSELF – one breath, one day at a time, over and over and over again!
Love Yourself – Journey To The Heart by Melody Beattie
No matter what, love yourself.
Love yourself, even if it feels like the world around you is irked with you, even if it feels like those you’ve counted on most have gone away, even if you wonder if God has abandoned you.
When it feels like the journey has stopped, the magic is gone, and you’ve been left sitting on the curb, love yourself. When you’re confused and angry about how things are going or how they’ve gone, love yourself. No matter what happens or where you are, love yourself. No matter if you aren’t certain where you’re going or if there’s anyplace left to go, love yourself.
This situation will change, this time will pass, and the magic will return.
So will joy and faith. You will feel connected again – to yourself, God,
the universe and life. But the first thing to do is love yourself. And all
the good you want will follow <3
I love you all! I would like to send out a Great Big, Beautiful, Deep Breath and HUG to all the alumni who are celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend!!!! To all the alumni’s MOMS near and far. And extra SPECIAL love to those Moms in Heaven looking down on you. Who are wrapping you up in their love each and every day! XOXOXOXOXO Namaste’ the light in me honors and sees the light in each and every one of you!
Love, Karen
Genesis House Yoga Instructor