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Misconception Surrounding ADHD Medication

adhddrugsThere is an increasing amount of people who accept the use of ADHD medications in an attempt to get ahead in school and even in the workplace. In fact, the widespread use of drugs like Adderall and Ritalin has caused The American Medical Association (AMA) to urge physicians to stop prescribing these drugs (called nootropics) to otherwise healthy people looking for some sort of edge.

Extensive research has gone into the applications for the drugs in those people who do not suffer from ADHD. It was determined that while there is a slight increase in attention and motivation, the side effects of the drug greatly outweigh the small benefits, including hallucinations, cravings, insomnia and paranoia.

Further research shows that while some people are able to memorize things easier with the aid of ADHD medication, this does not translate to studying for tests. In fact, there is more evidence that Adderall and Ritalin hinder educational achievements in the long run than they help them.

For people who are looking for more effective ways to study, experts say that there are several things that one can do to boost their study habits. Study in an environment that is free of distraction. Refrain from doing multiple things at once. Another cause for study problems could be the use of some medications and over-the-counter drugs. It has been discovered that certain antibiotics, antihistamines, cough and congestion medications can prevent a person from focusing and retaining information.

In addition to teaching better study habits, it is also important to address the feelings of stress that can lead some people to seek out ADHD medication. Oftentimes the desire to be at the top causes students to defy their inner wisdom or common sense and instead try something that might give them an advantage. The misconception that these drugs are safe because they are prescribed by a doctor has led to many addictions, and the number continues to grow. Prescription stimulants have also been labeled as a new type of gateway drug, meaning their use has led people to try more substances down the road.

Addiction treatment professionals see the damage caused by these and other prescription drugs on a daily basis, and it is discouraging to see that their use has been so normalized in our society. This is why we continue to help people free themselves from the grips of dependency and regain control of their lives.

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