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Should You Go To A Drug Rehab in South Florida? When Is The Best Time to Go?

Choosing a drug rehab is a life and death decision. While quality treatment centers exist all across the country, you are better off going to a place where you have 100 percent no doubt about receiving supreme care. That place is South Florida. Since the 1980’s, South Florida has been the go-to destination for addiction recovery. Addiction is a progressive, fatal disease; therefore, you should go to a facility in South Florida as soon as possible. There is no “best time” to go. The “best time” would be as soon as you recognize that you need help.
You should go to a drug rehab in South Florida because:

Recovery-Friendly Environment

South Florida’s climate makes it a recovery-friendly environment. Warmer climate is correlated with happier moods because people can go outside and engage in a variety of activities.

Highly-Experienced Staff

Many of the established South Florida rehab centers have over twenty years of experience in delivering evidence-based addiction treatment. Many of the staff members have been in the field long enough to see how addiction treatment has evolved, so they know what works and what does not.

Holistic Approach

South Florida treatment centers do not confine the clients to one facility. The rehabs typically have several buildings spread out on a complex. The client living quarters are similar to their house or apartment at home in order to teach them basic living skills that may have been forgotten during active addiction. Instead of monotonous talk therapy and meetings, many of the therapies take place in the form of activities outside in the beautiful Florida weather.

After Drug Rehab in Florida

Many people choose to stay in Florida to live in a sober-living facility or halfway house after completing a program. The recovery community in South Florida is diverse, so your likelihood of meeting friends is high. Their economy offers many entry-level jobs due to being a popular vacation destination. Many of the businesses are owned by recovering addicts, so the management is nurturing and understand of recovering addicts. In addition, there are many quality universities and colleges that offer programs in addiction, psychology, human services, etc. if you are interested in starting a new career that allows you to give back.

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