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What If I Don’t Like My Therapist At The Drug Rehab Center

Making the decision to go to rehab is one of the best ways to start the journey to sobriety. The rehabilitation experience is different for everyone, and becoming drug-free can be challenging for a number of reasons. In many instances, you’ll have a drug counselor or therapist that you connect with and are able to share your concerns and progress with. However, there may be times when you don’t like the rehab therapist that is assigned to you.

When your personality isn’t necessarily a match with your therapist, there are some ways to handle the situation that will help you successfully complete this phase of drug rehabilitation.

Don’t Take It Personally

Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t like your therapist. This doesn’t mean that you’re not serious about getting treatment for your addiction. It may just mean that you aren’t a fan of all the therapist’s methods or you would prefer someone who a little gentler or a little more straightforward. Acknowledge your feelings, but don’t let them take over the way you engage in the rehab process.

Focus On Your Goals

Remember that your goal is to get the tools you need to become drug-free and healthy, mentally and physically. Concentrate on this so that your dislike for your therapist won’t be the focal point of your time in rehab. Remind yourself that it’s up to you to use the treatment that is offered to you to your advantage.

Realize That Feelings Change

Keeping these things in mind could make all the difference when you’re going through rehab, and even help you to deal with the pressures and difficult situations that you may face once rehabilitation treatment has ended. You may find that the therapist’s methods may have seemed mean, counterproductive or ineffective initially, but as you go through treatment, you could find that these tactics were necessary to help you grow mentally and emotionally, which can aid in your rehab process. Some of the advice and methods used in rehab can even help you once you’re back in the real world and need to maintain your commitment to being drug-free.

It’s important to keep in mind that your therapists are there to help you, which means that you may not immediately appreciate everything they do or say. Personality clashes can be real, but don’t let those hinder you from achieving your overall goal of being healthy and fully functional without the use of harmful substances.

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