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What You Can Expect From A Heroin Detox & Treatment Center

Fear of the unknown can be a powerful deterrent. Imagine having an addiction, wanting to get help, but being reluctant to do so because you don’t know what’s in store. The one thing that seems to ease a person’s anxiety over the unknown is information. The information provided below is designed to help prospective heroin addiction patients better understand the treatment process. With this information in hand, we hope to motivate and inspire heroin addicts to seek the help they so desperately need.

When we talk about rehab, we are addressing all three stages of the heroin treatment process. The three stages are:

  • Detox and medically-monitored detox programs
  • Therapy and Counseling
  • Aftercare programs like sober living and 12-Step involvement

The responsibility for recovery from a heroin addiction ultimately falls on the shoulders of the addict. The very first step in the recovery process involves the addict coming to terms with the fact they are helpless over their addiction disease. With said admission, they can move forward and seek help from a professional addiction treatment center like ours.

The importance of rehab cannot be overstated. There’s simply no other alternatives. We see hundreds of home remedies and self-help alternatives on the Internet. Unfortunately, none of those approaches have a good track record. In each case, the process seems to miss some aspect of beating an addiction. It’s for that reason we can state that addiction treatment in a rehab facility is the only viable way to create a lasting recovery.

What You Can Expect From A Heroin Detox & Treatment Center

We will now take you through the treatment process. This information should help you prepare for what lies ahead. Again, we will address each of the three stages you will go through in order to arrest your heroin addiction.

Detox and Medically-monitored Detox Programs

Heroin is an insidious substance. It’s allure is the euphoria and relaxed state the drug gives to the user. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most highly addictive substances on the planet. Once addiction sets in, the addict faces some significant withdrawal symptoms should they suddenly decide to stop using. We are talking about withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Tremors and convulsions
  • Hallucinations
  • Severe muscle and stomach cramping
  • Sleep issues
  • Psychological issues like depression and anxiety

There’s nothing fun about going through any of these symptoms let alone all of them. Fortunately, detox facilities have the ability to keep patients safe and comfortable as their bodies detox from heroin use. In the case of a medically-monitored detox program, the facility’s medical staff is able to prescribe certain medications to combat withdrawal side effects.

The detox process has two goals. First, help the patient get past their withdrawal symptoms and diminish the patient’s cravings for heroin. The second goal is to prepare the patient for the rigors of counseling and therapy. It’s worth noting that during detox, the patient might start the counseling process on the way to a more intensive counseling process.

Therapy and Counseling

Therapy and counseling are the meat and potatoes of addiction treatment. If the patient approaches treatment by being open and honest about their circumstances, the counseling process will allow them a chance to learn the truth about their addiction. Counseling is available in groups and through individual sessions. Once the patient and counselor are able to identify the root causes of the heroin addiction, it becomes easier for the patient to begin developing better coping skills. With a solid set of coping skills, the recovering addict stands a good chance of getting past temptation and triggers as they fight to maintain sobriety. When counseling and therapy have concluded, the patient is released to rebuild their life.

Aftercare Programs

After leaving rehab, some recovering addicts need to continue working on their recovery. That’s exactly why most reputable rehab centers work hard to connect former patients to some really helpful aftercare programs. Participation in a 12-Step program is a favorite among people in recovery. There’s great strength that comes from one recovering addict helping another. Sober living is another great aftercare option. Staying in a sober living environment allows the individual to gradually integrate back into society, taking on responsibilities as they build strength.

We hope the above information has help put your mind at ease. If you are ready to break the cycle of heroin addiction, you can call one of our staff members at 844-903-2111. We are available 24/7.