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What Life Is Like After Going To Addiction Treatment

Right now, as you’re examining the different options for addiction treatment, you probably have an assortment of questions. Some of these questions are likely about the program itself, but others are about what life will be like for you after the treatment program ends. While answering this question in its entirety is virtually impossible as situations vary, you can get at least a sense of how your life might change in a few areas:

  • At home
  • At school or work
  • In social settings

Returning to your home might be filled with both excitement and worry. Although some negative feelings about past hurts may still exist, recognize that the people there for you do want to support you. They may very well put aside these feelings in order to support you. In fact, after you are finished with treatment, you might return to a home that you thought you had lost.

Life is also likely to change for you at school or at work. Chances are that you had to take some sort of leave while you were in treatment. If you are going back to school, you may find that you are so motivated to complete the challenges of the classroom. Also, without the harm of drugs or alcohol, your body and mind can be more fueled to do so. You can find these same feelings at work. In fact, you may discover that you want to test out an entirely new career that is more in line with your true passions and interests.

In Social Settings After Going To Rehab

It’s possible that you’ll find your social setting is the one that changes the most. For example, if you used to spend your time using drugs or alcohol with people, you will want to find healthy activities to replace those detrimental social interactions. You may decide to join some clubs in the community or at school, or you may take a class in dance, art or another interest that you discovered that you had while in rehab. It’s also possible that friends whom your addiction stole from you will be happy to have you back.

While thinking about the time after rehab is natural, getting too caught up in the future can distract you from the most important goals of the present. To discuss your present and future goals with a professional, call a counselor any time at 844-903-2111