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Why 28 Days in Rehab Is Not Enough

As you’re investigating options for rehab, you’re probably going to see programs of different lengths. In fact, you may see a number of programs that last for 28 days. The amount of time that you have to spend in rehab really depends upon your individual needs, so it is difficult to say that a specific quantity is unequivocally right or wrong across the board. However, some reasons exist as to why 28 days may not be enough:

  • You must detox
  • You must learn about yourself
  • You must interact with others

A four-week program might not provide you with enough time to detox and to go through a treatment program where you get to know yourself and how to return to the world without abusing drugs and alcohol. Detox is the first step in many rehab programs, and exactly how long this process takes depends upon a number of individual factors.

Also, think about all of the time you have spent trying to get to know yourself. Of course, it is unlikely that you are going to leave a rehab program fully know yourself regardless of how long you are there. However, a major goal is to get you to know yourself better. You particularly want to learn about your triggers and how to avoid them or what techniques will get your mind off of then. Getting this in-depth with self-discovery can be challenging in a four-week span.

Interacting with Others After Treatment

Interacting with your peers and counselors plays an important role in your rehabilitation. In both scenarios, you will generally need to open up about your experiences. You may share information that you were even afraid to admit to yourself in the past. These practices can assist you in knowing when and how to ask for help in the future. Also, your addiction may have led you to a host of negative social connections and habits. By developing bonds with people in the program, you can learn how to trust again. Rebuilding this feeling can certainly take more than 28 days.

When you’re deciding for how long you should enroll in a rehab program, you have to take numerous factors into consideration. Also, you don’t need to make this determination by yourself. Counselors are always available, so you can call 844-903-2111 for guidance. By speaking with someone else, you can get insight into the situation and what you need that you were unable to recognize and determine by yourself.