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What Types of Rehabs Are There for Patients With Substance Abuse Problems?

Substance abuse affects millions of families and individuals alike each year in the US alone. Struggling to overcome an addiction is never easy, even if you are dedicated to living a sober and drug or alcohol-free life. When you have a substance abuse problem and want to take control over the direction of your future, it is important to learn more about both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs available near you.

Types of Rehab Centers and Programs

Inpatient rehab facilities are one option for individuals who are seeking long-term treatment and care while overcoming an addiction to a variety of substances. Inpatient rehab centers require you to live within the facility of the program itself throughout the duration of the program you choose. Inpatient programs typically last between 30 days and more than 6 months depending on the facility you choose and the overall severity of your addiction and any past addictions you have had.

Alternatively, there are also outpatient rehab programs and group meetings available for those who are uninterested in remaining within a facility while living a sober lifestyle. Outpatient programs do not require inpatient stays in rehab centers, but do involve scheduled meetings and various activities to better monitor and keep track of your journey to sobriety. With outpatient programs, individuals are able to maintain jobs and active social lives without the temptation of using substances.

Who Can Use a Rehabilitation Program?

Rehabilitation programs are available for individuals who are struggling with their first addiction as well as those who have had multiple relapses. Rehabilitation programs are available for those who are addicted to alcohol, prescription medications, opiates, cocaine, and even heroin. Choosing the right inpatient or outpatient program heavily relies on your relationship with the substance you use as well as the support system you currently have available in your life.

Individuals who lack a support system with family and friends or those who struggle to steer clear from substances such as alcohol or drugs are best suited for inpatient rehab programs. Inpatient rehab facilities provide the emotional, mental, and physical support necessary to overcome even the most severe and devastating addictions.

Advantages of Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs for Substance Abuse

Understanding the benefits and advantages of choosing an inpatient rehabilitation program is the first step to truly making a better change for your future. Some of the most notable advantages of enrolling in an inpatient rehabilitation program for substance abuse include:

  • Medically-supervised detox. Professionals are available throughout the entire detoxing process to ensure the health and safety of all individuals who are enrolled in an inpatient rehab program.
  • Dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is necessary for individuals who not only struggle with an addiction to substances, but also from other mental health issues or undiagnosed conditions that require additional treatment.
  • Zero-tolerance environment. Inpatient rehab centers provide a safe, healthy, zero-tolerance environment. All individuals enrolled in an inpatient program are prohibited from using any form of drug or alcohol while on the premises.
  • Individual therapy. Speak directly with a counselor or therapist during scheduled sessions to learn how to better cope with your addiction and how to avoid the temptations of substances even after you have completed your program.
  • Group counseling. Meet with other individuals who are enrolled in your inpatient rehab program. Connect with individuals who have faced similar struggles and challenges as you while working towards a substance-free and sober life. Learn to express yourself without feelings of guilt, shame, or judgment in a judgment-free atmosphere.
  • Activities and hobbies. Learn how to get the most out of life by exploring new skills and hobbies that were once a source of joy to you. Avoid feeling bored or tempted to use substances by making the most out of the time you spend in an inpatient rehab program.

Rehabilitation requires willpower and the motivation to eliminate substances from your life altogether. Choosing an inpatient rehab center that focuses on substance abuse is one of the best decisions to make in order to improve your chances of living drug-free once you have completed the inpatient program of your choice. With the right resources and adequate support by your side, feel empowered to truly change your life for the better.

When you are ready to take the next step in living a sober life, our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 844-903-2111 to learn more about the rehabilitation programs available in your area and to see how we can help you get your life back on track.