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Where Can I Get Group Therapy for Cannabis Use?

Substance abuse disorders can be puzzling and confusing. This disease of addiction can be a tricky thing to both personally accept, let alone seek help when the situation becomes a problem. There are a number of drugs that can trigger an addiction.  The list of substances is not restricted to illegal street drugs. Even alcohol can produce an overwhelming addiction. Cannabis is another drug with a tendency for abuse. What can you do if you feel your use of cannabis has become a problem.  Treatment is available for cannabis, just like alcohol and other addictive drugs. But where can you get group therapy for cannabis use? Let’s look at some suggestions and how group therapy can help.

Signs of Cannabis Use Problems

There are questionnaires and professional assessments to help you determine if your cannabis use is becoming a problem. Often, your problem can cross the line into an addiction before you ever realize it.  There isn’t any reason to be overly anxious, just reach out to an addiction specialist immediately. Here are a few signs that you use of cannabis has reached a problem level, and could potentially have become an addiction.

  • You stop things that you enjoy because you cannot do them after using, or while you use cannabis.
  • Your school performance or job quality has worsened because of cannabis.
  • You no longer enjoy being around your friends or family unless you’re under the influence of cannabis.
  • The amount of cannabis you need to attain the same mood-altering effect keeps increasing.
  • You are experiencing sudden wide-ranging changes in your mood, often for no reason.
  • Memory loss and mental acuity start to become a problem.
  • You can’t go even a few hours without contemplating where your next source of cannabis is coming from.

The above symptoms of a potential cannabis abuse problem are not a test. These are only used as a guideline to help you appreciate that cannabis is an addictive drug, and therefore can become a serious health risk. Let’s look at some group therapy options you might consider.

Group Therapy for Cannabis Use

There are fellowships and organizations designed to help you if you feel you’re having a problem with cannabis. Some are designed to specifically address cannabis, while others have a membership of people with a wider range of addiction problems.  The general attraction of any group therapy type of experience is to provide you with shared experience from like-minded people. When considering a group to help you with your cannabis use issues, keep an open mind to this concept.

Addiction isn’t always about the drug of choice, but about the addiction itself. All substance abuse disorders are considered by a symptom of underlying issues. Through group therapy, you will gain valuable insight into how impactful these symptoms are in your cannabis use problems.  Like many addictions, cannabis has its own specific self-help group. Marijuana Anonymous (MA) is a fellowship modeled on the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 12-step philosophy of recovery. There are thousands of people who attend MA meetings.

If you have even a desire to stop drinking alcohol as well, you may attend any AA meeting. You will be accepted, no matter why you choose to attend. Many people who suffer from cannabis use issues attend AA because of the widespread availability of meetings.n Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is another type of group discussion experience similar to AA. NA meetings welcome anyone who has a problem with any mind or mood altering substances. These may include illegal street drugs, prescription medication, or cannabis.

There is yet another tremendous source of group therapy for all substance abuse disorders. Treatment programs not only encourage, but provide group therapy as part of the recovery process.  You can share your experience, plus gain valuable insight into various types of addiction, by taking part in the group therapy sessions provided as part of a treatment program. Inpatient residential facilities may require a certain number of group sessions.  Struggling with an addiction can seem like a hopeless battle. It does not need to be. There is help available for all types of substance abuse disorders, including cannabis. If you feel you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, all you need to do is ask for help.

By reaching out for help, a professional addiction specialist can provide you with guidance on where to find a cannabis group near you. They can also make expert suggestions on how to address a cannabis use problem. Reach out today and begin a new journey in recovery.  Call 844-903-2111