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Who Needs Drug Detox Programs and How Can You Get This Help?

Addiction can be absolutely crippling and can change your life. However, if you recently came to realize that you have a serious substance use disorder, it’s a positive first step toward getting the help you desperately need. Regardless of whether you abuse alcohol or drugs or why you started abusing the substance, if your addiction is severe, you would benefit from the detox process. This is one of the biggest aspects of overcoming your substance use disorder and is a major step toward your recovery.

If you have never gone through detox before, you might wonder whether it’s something you truly need. You might also wonder how you can get this kind of help.

What is the Detox Process?

The detox process, also known as detox, involves eliminating the substances that you have abused from your body. When you’re addicted to alcohol or drugs, your system has been retrained to act as though it needs those substances in order to function or even survive.

Often, certain types of drugs or even alcohol can lead to a serious dependence issue. If you try to wean yourself from the substance on your own, it could lead to withdrawal symptoms that might be severe and even dangerous. In some cases, withdrawal can be life-threatening depending on the substance. For example, heroin is an opioid drug, which is one of the most highly addictive. It’s not possible for a person to go from serious heroin addiction to quitting cold turkey as it can be dangerous. Help in the form of detox is required.

Detox often uses medication management to completely rid a person’s system of the drugs they have abused. The detox process is also used in order to make things easier as a person aims to regain their sobriety. Without it, it’s far easier to end up relapsing or suffering from complications from withdrawal symptoms.

How Does the Detox Process Work?

There are many different factors that can determine what happens during the detox process. Every person suffering from substance use disorder is different, so no two situations are alike. As a result, what takes place during detox for one person might not be the same for someone else. Different types of addictive substances might require the person to spend more or less time detoxifying.

How long the process takes depends on the following factors:

• The substance that was abused and whether there were additional substances abused.
• The severity of the person’s addiction.
• How often the individual abused the substance and how much of it was used each time.
• The person’s age and gender.
• The person’s medical history.
• Whether the person has co-occurring conditions such as a mental health disorder.

Detox is tailored to each individual person’s needs based on these factors and more. Some people might require a specific medication to aid their process while others might need something different to ease them through their withdrawal.

It’s important to know that you should never try to self-detox. Doing so is dangerous and won’t work to get you sober. You could suffer severe withdrawal symptoms. In the worst-case scenario, you could risk your life if you attempt to go cold turkey or try to go through the detox process by yourself at home.

In a professional setting to undergo detox, you have skilled medical personnel on hand to assist you if you go through complications or have any type of medical emergency. You are supervised around the clock to ensure that your experience is safe.

How Do You Find Detox Help?

There are many options available to you when you need to go to a detox facility. You can research a few different centers in your state and even explore a few options in other states. Learning about everything the facilities have to offer based on the way they’re operated, whether they have medical professionals on hand in-house and more is important.

You might even want to ask around from people close to you if they have any recommendations on detox facilities you can try. However, this might be awkward if you aren’t sure whether they have undergone rehab for substance use disorder.

Speak with your doctor about your situation as well. If you have abused certain types of drugs like opioids or have a serious alcohol addiction, you must find the right place to start your treatment. Your doctor might have a few suggestions and will urge you to safely do your detox in a center where you can be supervised on a 24/7 basis.

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