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Why Does Rehab Keep Failing for Some People?

Some people seem to get addicted to drugs and alcohol chronically. They repeatedly relapse, stay in rehab facilities, and even go through rehab programs multiple times. What is the underlying cause for this? Is there a reason that successful rehabilitation efforts are not effective in every case? The following blog post will attempt to answer these questions.

Reasons Why Rehab Keep Failing for Some People

There are many reasons why rehab efforts can be unsuccessful to some people. These reasons include:

Environmental Influences

If a person with addictions is going through rehab, but their home environment continues to be unstable, then there is no reason to believe that a change will occur. The person may become frustrated and begin to return back to the same type of lifestyle that caused problems in the first place. This can include relapsing if drugs and alcohol are present in the environment. The family life that was present before drug and alcohol use may not present itself once rehab is complete. This can create a challenging situation when a person returns to society after rehab.

Family Ties

Weak Families are another reason why rehab efforts can fail. When supporting family members are not strong, then the person may relapse, or become depressed or anxious when returning home after rehab. The family should be supportive of the person and their sobriety efforts. Families who are weak may not offer the support that a person needs for successful sobriety. In many cases, families could be the cause of the alcohol and drug use that got started in the first place.

Mental Health Problems

A mental health illness can be a problem in rehab situations. Such illnesses include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression. If these types of disorders are present, then therapy or medical help can be necessary to deal with these issues. A person who is suffering from a mental health problem does not have the same ability to control their emotions as someone who does not have a mental health illness. This could create a challenge in not having control of one’s actions after rehab if the alcohol and drug use started because of psychological issues.

Substance Abuse History

Substance abuse in the former is another reason why rehab efforts can fail. If a person has had multiple experiences with the substance in question, then they may have a harder time staying sober. The person may feel that it is easier to find help for an alcohol problem, but not a drug problem. For example, some might say that no one understands the problems associated with being addicted to drugs and that this is not fair. This could lead to feelings of hopelessness upon hearing some people’s substance abuse stories and feeling like it is impossible to overcome this addiction in every instance.

Personality Characteristics

Some people may have certain personality characteristics that make them more likely to relapse. These characteristics are the same as those that create a situation where the person who suffers from addiction first gets involved with drug and alcohol use. Some of these characteristics include: “Anxiousness, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Low Self-Esteem.” These characteristics create a situation where someone may feel that something good can happen in rehab, but not in the home environment.

Not Finding a Good Fit in Rehab Facilities

Another reason why rehab efforts can fail is that a person doesn’t find “a good fit” in the facility. This may be because of the level of intensity, or simply the person’s personal preferences. If the situation does not meet their needs, then it could cause them to become frustrated and to not be able to succeed. All facilities are not alike, and what works for one person may not work for another. The right rehab facility can be hard to find, but it is worth the search if and when a person finds one that fits.

Lack of Follow-Up(s)

When a person doesn’t get a follow-up after, it could mean that the person did not follow through with their recovery efforts. There are many different types of follow-up services available for those who want to stay sober. For example, support groups are available to help with problem-solving, alcohol and drug counseling is available to help with treatment issues, and education services are available to help with lessons learned. There are many different ways to follow up after rehab, and these services can be found online or through the phone book. If a person needs them, they will have a hard time staying sober without them.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why people can fail in their efforts to recover from alcohol and drug use. Each situation is different, and it is possible that any one or more of the reasons could be involved in a specific person’s effort to stay sober. If you would like to talk to someone about how this happened to you or what you can do to stop it from happening again, please call us on 844-903-2111. We are happy to help if we can.