Marchman Act Florida

Is someone you care about abusing drugs or alcohol? According to the Marchman Act in Florida, any person who has lost the power of self-control concerning substance use and is in need of treatment can be involuntarily held by a qualified institution for assessment, stabilization, and treatment for addiction.

If you need help getting a loved one to accept the treatment they need to address their addiction, Genesis House may be able to help. Call us and give us some information on the situation and we can direct you to the right resources. If the person you’re calling about is incapable of appreciating their need for treatment and is unable to make a rational decision on their own, you may be able to enact the Marchman Act.

Drugs and Alcohol Cloud Judgment

At Genesis House, we’ve seen firsthand how drugs and alcohol diminish a person’s ability to see their need for treatment in a way that all those around them can see quite obviously. We’re able to offer treatment to patients who recognize their need for help- but what of those who are dealing with an addiction that has obscured reality to the extent that they can no longer see how far down the road of addiction they have traveled?

The Marchman Act in Florida allows friends or family members to file a petition in their local county courthouse to set a hearing before the court. Following the hearing, the person in question will be held for up to 5 days for medical stabilization and assessment of their condition.

Involuntary Treatment Saves Lives

Unfortunately, most Florida residents are unaware that by filing a petition with the court system, they can begin the process of healing on the part of their loved one who is unable to decide on their own. Based on the assessment and recommendation of the treatment facility, the judge can order a 60-day treatment and an extension of 90-days if required.

An addict faced with the option of treatment or incarceration will in almost all cases choose treatment, and until the completion of a residential program, contempt of court order will ensue until the individual has completed their program.

When All Else Fails, Call Us

If you’ve tried to get someone you care about to get help and are unable to get them into treatment, reach out to Genesis House. We are extremely knowledgeable regarding the Marchman Act in Florida and can help you with the process of getting your friend or family member into treatment in our facility.

We provide a safe, nurturing environment to heal from addiction. For patients who require detox, we have one of the best facilities in the state of Florida and can help your loved one prepare for residential treatment with safe, comfortable withdrawal from drugs or alcohol.

With numerous treatments and programs available, we are considered one of the most reputable facilities in the area. Call now or click ‘Our Programs’ to learn more about treatment at Genesis House.

Marchman Act Florida