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Can I Just Go To Detox Over The Weekend And Go Right Back To Work?

If you are dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you’ll want to consider the different types of help that are available near you. Whether you wish to look into long-term treatment that includes a few months in a sober living home or you’d rather go to treatment for a short period, understand that any addiction issue will take time to cure. In fact, most recovering addicts know that there isn’t exactly a “cure” for their problem, only prolonged recovery efforts that take months or years of effort.

Can you just go to detox over the weekend and then go right back to work the rest of the days of the week? Let’s take a look at the answer below.

The Journey to Sobriety

You may only need to go to a detox center for a few days to get the drugs or alcohol out of your system. However, this doesn’t mean that your whole journey to sobriety is complete. Yes, you can attend a detox program over the course of the weekend, but this time only counts toward a small part of your recovery. You may also need more than a couple of days to detox, especially if you have been using for months or years. You will want to give yourself plenty of time to be successful. However, if you have to work during the week, you can still get help over the weekends.

Why Go on Weekends?

Many recovering addicts choose to go to detox or treatment only on the weekends. For example, you may have just started using drugs or alcohol and believe that you can get through the worst of the withdrawal symptoms over the course of two or three days. If you have a mild addiction, this may be a possibility. You might not want to give up on work or school to attend detox or rehab full-time. Many addicts also have to pay bills and take care of family every single day. If this is the case for your situation, weekends may be the best time to take care of your addiction problem.

What Happens During Detox?

Detox is the time to remove all of the drugs or alcohol from your body. You’ll be focused more on the withdrawal feelings during this time, especially if they are severe. A detox program will help you get through these symptoms with minimal pain and discomfort. This may include the use of medication, such as Suboxone, to help minimize the pain of your withdrawal symptoms.

If you have a severe addiction, you may need more than a weekend to detox. Consider a stay in a residential treatment facility to get the help your body needs if this is the case. Remember, withdrawal symptoms are often severe, even fatal. You may need medical intervention for up to a week or more if this is the case.

After Detox is Complete

If you are in a treatment facility for more than two days, you’ll likely attend therapy sessions while you are detoxing. If you only go over the weekend, it’s important to keep up with therapy during the rest of the week. Once the alcohol or drugs are gone from your system, you will want to learn various coping strategies. You’ll need different therapy sessions, both private and group, to understand the emotional connection you have with drugs or alcohol. Understanding why you turn to substances when you are upset or stressed is the first step to learning how to say no.

Taking Control of Your Life

After a weekend of detox, it is recommended that you devise a solid support system around you. Your private therapist will help you work with individual coping skills, and group meetings will help you understand sobriety from the eyes of your peers. You’ll soon see that you aren’t alone with your struggle. Becoming sober may mean more than just a weekend in a detox center. As an addict, it is crucial to get to the very bottom of the issues that lead you to use in the first place. While you may be able to physically detox in just a couple of days, it takes a lot more time to recover mentally. Don’t be afraid to find meetings and therapy sessions in your area. The longer you go, the better the outcome.

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