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Who Takes Care Of My Kids When I Go To Treatment?

If you plan on seeking treatment by going to rehab, you are probably worried about who will take care of your kids when you go. Recovering from addiction is defiantly one of the best decisions you could have made, although some consequences may accompany it. It would be difficult for your child to go for a long time without their parent and even more challenging to explain what’s going on, especially regarding addiction disorder treatment.

If you go to an inpatient rehab center, it is understandable that you’ll have to leave your children behind. This resolution doesn’t mean you will lose them since you can choose to leave them with your spouse or significant other. If that’s not possible you can make arrangements with a member of the extended family to look after them. Sometimes the decision of where your children are going to stay is out of your hands. In some cases, child protective services are involved, and they dictate whether you go to rehab and where your children will live.

Preparing For Treatment

Once you’ve decided to enter rehab, you should have a plan of how your children will get on with your absence. Before seeking treatment, you should think about the following:
• Your child’s education: You should contact their school and inform them of the new caregiver responsible for your children when you are away on treatment.
• Your child’s health: You should contact the child’s doctor, telling them about the new caregiver and permit medical treatment.
• Legal requirements: You should contact your family attorney to give the new caregiver permission to make decisions for your child.

Talking to your child before seeking treatment is also really important. Even though the nature of the conversation may vary depending on your child’s age, you should be as candid as possible with them, explaining the recent development and resolutions you have made. They should understand that you are seeking medical treatment like for any other ailment. The children should know what to expect and have a chance to ask questions.

Child Custody During and After Inpatient Treatment

There are very few inpatient treatment facilities that provide day care for individuals with children. The child will most likely stay with a non-addicted spouse or a trusted relative. Individuals’ duration of stay in inpatient treatment varies depending on the severity of their addiction. Temporary custodians should regularly check in with the kids during their parents’ absence and talk to the children about their thoughts on the current condition. If the children are comfortable with it, they should be able to visit their parents in rehab.

Although every scenario is distinct and has varied outcomes, you may be able to restore full custody after completing inpatient treatment. However, it would help if you understood that going home does not mean you are fully recovered. Recovery is a continuous process and requires commitment shown by attending support group meetings like Alcohol Anonymous. Children who have grown up in substance abuse households crave to live a normal life in a stable home. Once you prove that they can stay drug-free, getting full custody of your children becomes easier.

The Benefits of Getting Addiction Treatment

It is challenging to take care of your kids if you are plagued by substance abuse or recovering from addiction. If household funds are used on drugs, it may lead to difficulty providing basic needs like food and shelter. It is also challenging to provide proper care to your children if drug and substance abuse impairs your judgment.

In cases where child CPS was involved, steps like attending and completing addiction treatment may lead to full custody of your children. You may also be required to attend a family court where the judge will decide whether you will gain back your children’s custody if you’ve finished rehab and attended family therapy.


You may be hesitant to seek treatment for your substance abuse problem if you have children. Although saying goodbye to your children to attend therapy might be difficult, it is the best choice in the long run. It is vital to seek treatment as soon as possible since addiction puts your child in harm’s way. If you are a parent in need of addiction treatment, we can help; call now 844-903-2111.