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Do Florida Drug Rehabs Administer Drug Tests?

Drug tests are a common part of the admission process at Florida Drug Rehabs. The addiction treatment center will administer a drug test to understand the level of addiction and the starting point for your recovery.

Drug tests are often DNA, Urine, or Saliva. These types of drug tests are typically unbiased and give accurate results that can be used to create a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

Reasons Why Florida Drug Rehabs Administer Drug Tests

When a person is diagnosed with drug addiction, they will usually go to their local Drug Treatment Center or Rehab facility to seek treatment. Their drug addiction may result from many years of use, or it may only be a recent development. The recovery process may also result from multiple prior attempts at recovery, but if they have been using drugs for long enough, it could often become a life-long process. Below are the main reasons why Florida drug rehabs administer drug tests to patients.

Unbiased Results

A drug test is scientifically proven to be one of the most accurate tools to determine a person’s level of dependency on drugs. The reason a Florida Drug Rehab conducts the test is to determine the effectiveness of the treatment plan and whether or not it will work for that person. Many rehab facilities have un-trained staff members that make assumptions based on your behaviors and history, which may be inaccurate.


During the admission process at a Florida Drug Rehab, one of the first things they will do is determine if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you cannot be fully checked to determine this, you will not be admitted for treatment. The professionals ensuring your safety during your time at treatment must understand what your dangers may be so they can properly keep you safe.

Treatment Plan

When you are admitted to a Florida Drug Rehab for treatment, you will meet with a counselor to go through your history, mental status, and physical limitations, which all factor into the treatment plan. Your Drug Rehab counselor will need to conduct the drug test so they can create the most appropriate recovery plan for your needs.


If you are admitted to a Florida rehab, you will need to provide many forms of documentation that can be used as references. The information in these references will be taken into consideration by the Florida Drug Rehab staff to create a more comprehensive treatment plan that meets your needs.

Treatment Structure

After completing the treatment program at a Florida Drug Rehab, they will assess your recovery and decide if you are stable and ready to move on to other programs. If your drug addiction is strong enough, they may suggest that you seek further assistance at an outside facility. These recommendations can also be used to help monitor your progress.


Determining if you can be a fully functioning member of society again can be an important part of the acceptance process, which is why many Florida drug rehabs require that you meet certain requirements before you can be allowed to return home. For example, if you are deemed incompetent, the staff may need to work with you and other caretakers to make sure your needs will be met before your release.

Treatment Plan Review

It would be best if you were under supervision for a certain amount of time after completing your program, which is why the caretakers and treatment team will monitor your progress. If you have not completed the treatment plan requirements for whatever reason, they may require that you complete additional steps before being discharged from their facility.

Treatment Programs

A Florida Drug Rehab offers many different treatment programs that are designed specifically for the needs of the individual. Depending on your circumstances, you may participate in inpatient or outpatient treatment. You may also be offered recovery programs that focus on specific drugs, such as alcohol addiction, prescription drug addiction, or even marijuana addiction.


Before you are allowed to participate in a Florida Drug Rehab, you will complete an admissions process that includes a drug test. The test results will help determine if you qualify for the program and can also be used to create your personalized treatment plan. The admissions process may take a few days or a few weeks, depending on the severity of your addiction and other circumstances surrounding your situation.

In conclusion, when you are considered for admission at a Florida Drug Rehab, you will be evaluated by an admissions counselor, which may include either in-person or telephone conversations. You will also be required to have a drug test administered so they can determine the best treatment program for your unique situation. If you are ready to get help for drug addiction, call 844-903-2111 to speak with one of our admissions counselors and get started on your road to recovery.